Beginning Android Games

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  • Mario Zechner

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Mario Zechner
    Pages 1-23
  3. Mario Zechner
    Pages 25-50
  4. Mario Zechner
    Pages 51-101
  5. Mario Zechner
    Pages 103-183
  6. Mario Zechner
    Pages 185-227
  7. Mario Zechner
    Pages 229-267
  8. Mario Zechner
    Pages 269-349
  9. Mario Zechner
    Pages 351-428
  10. Mario Zechner
    Pages 429-487
  11. Mario Zechner
    Pages 489-524
  12. Mario Zechner
    Pages 525-576
  13. Mario Zechner
    Pages 577-623
  14. Mario Zechner
    Pages 625-636
  15. Mario Zechner
    Pages 637-640
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 641-669

About this book


Beginning Android Games offers everything you need to join the ranks of successful Android game developers. You'll start with game design fundamentals and programming basics, and then progress towards creating your own basic game engine and playable games. This will give you everything you need to branch out and write your own Android games.

The potential user base and the wide array of available high-performance devices makes Android an attractive target for aspiring game developers. Do you have an awesome idea for the next break-through mobile gaming title? Beginning Android Games will help you kick-start your project.

The book will guide you through the process of making several example games for the Android platform, and involves a wide range of topics:

  • The fundamentals of game development
  • The Android platform basics to apply those fundamentals in the context of making a game
  • The design of 2D and 3D games and their successful implementation on the Android platform

For those looking to learn about Android tablet game app development or want Android 4 SDK specific coverage, check out Beginning Android 4 Games Development, now available from Apress.

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