Expert Oracle Database Architecture

Oracle Database 9i, 10g, and 11g Programming Techniques and Solutions

  • Authors
  • Thomas Kyte
  • Editors
  • Jonathan Gennick
  • Clay Andres
  • Steve Anglin
  • Mark Beckner
  • Ewan Buckingham
  • Gary Cornell
  • Jonathan Hassell
  • Michelle Lowman
  • Matthew Moodie
  • Duncan Parkes
  • Jeffrey Pepper
  • Frank Pohlmann
  • Douglas Pundick
  • Ben Renow-Clarke
  • Dominic Shakeshaft
  • Matt Wade
  • Tom Welsh
  • Debra Kelly
  • Mary Behr
  • Sharon Terdeman

Table of contents

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    Pages i-l
  2. Pages 51-66
  3. Pages 67-120
  4. Pages 121-164
  5. Pages 165-194
  6. Pages 195-241
  7. Pages 267-298
  8. Pages 299-344
  9. Pages 345-424
  10. Pages 425-491
  11. Pages 493-555
  12. Pages 557-619
  13. Pages 621-656
  14. Pages 709-750
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 751-780

About this book


Now in its second edition, this best-selling book by Tom Kyte of "Ask Tom" fame continues to bring you some of the best thinking on how to apply Oracle Database to produce scalable applications that perform well and deliver correct results. Tom has a simple philosophy: you can treat Oracle as a black box and just stick data into it or you can understand how it works and exploit it as a powerful computing environment. If you choose the latter, then you’ll find that there are few information management problems that you cannot solve quickly and elegantly.

This fully revised second edition covers the developments up to Oracle Database 11g. Each feature is taught in a proof-by-example manner, not only discussing what it is, but also how it works, how to implement software using it, and the common pitfalls associated with it.

Don’t treat Oracle Database as a black-box. Get this book. Get under the hood. Turbo-charge your career.

  • Fully revised to cover Oracle Database 11g
  • Proof-by-example approach: Let the evidence be your guide
  • Dives deeply into Oracle Database’s most powerful features


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