Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform: Bringing Rich Clients to the Web

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  • Fabian┬áLange

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    Pages i-vi
  2. Pages 31-43
  3. Pages 83-108
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  6. Back Matter
    Pages 141-141

About this book


Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) is an innovative toolkit for developing applications that will run as rich clients as well as web applications. Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform is the first book on the new Eclipse RAP, and it introduces the required RCP and OSG/i concepts used by Eclipse RAP.

This firstPress title demonstrates the functionality and benefits of Eclipse RAP as well as shows the sweet spots of RAP, especially focusing on single sourcing RCP and web applications, which can be a huge cost saver.

This book also covers possible issues that might prevent you from successfully deploying RAP.

  • Describes Eclipse RAP concepts and its underlying technology
  • Explains key features of RAP
  • Shows case studies where RAP works and where it won't


Ajax Eclipse Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) deployment technology

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