Pro Java™ EE Spring Patterns

Best Practices and Design Strategies Implementing Java™ EE Patterns with the Spring Framework

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  • Dhrubojyoti Kayal

About this book


“The Java™ landscape is littered with libraries, tools, and specifications. What’s been lacking is the expertise to fuse them into solutions to real–world problems. These patterns are the intellectual mortar for J2EE software construction.” —John Vlissides, coauthor of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object–Oriented Software

Pro Java™ EE Spring Patterns focuses on enterprise patterns, best practices, design strategies, and proven solutions using key Java EE technologies including JavaServer Pages™, Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans™, and Java Message Service APIs.

This Java EE patterns resource, catalog, and guide, with its patterns and numerous strategies, documents and promotes best practices for these technologies, implemented in a very pragmatic way using the Spring Framework and its counters. This title

  • Introduces Java EE application design and Spring framework fundamentals
  • Describes a catalog of patterns used across the three tiers of a typical Java EE application
  • Provides implementation details and analyses each pattern with benefits and concerns
  • Describes the application of these patterns in a practical application scenario


Java Java EE JavaServer Pages Servlets framework management technology

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