Pro Jakarta Commons

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  9. Harshad Oak
    Pages 163-178
  10. Harshad Oak
    Pages 179-201
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    Pages 203-219
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 221-230

About this book


Jakarta Commons are easily reusable components that can quickly be put to good use in any server-side Java development undertaking. In fact, components are not big applications, but sleek code bits that perform specific tasks very well. This book provides much-needed documentation and usage information about the popular sub-projects forming Jakarta Commonsso that you can efficiently incorporate them into Java applications.

Jakarta Commons have potential to extend the core functionality of the Java language (the Lang sub-project), and they can provide a Validation framework (Validator) and a database connection pool (Pool). Jakarta Commons can even manipulate XML and JavaBeans in a more intuitive and pragmatic fashion.


Java XML development documentation language validation

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