Pro SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

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  • James Wightman

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About this book


SQL Server Integration Services is groundbreaking. It exists for both the database administrator and the developer, as well as that new role SSIS has created between the two—the data artisan.

Pro SQL Server 2005 Integration Services contains everything you could ever hope to know about this exciting development from Microsoft: developer insight, Microsoft group manager–level access, personal experience of using the technology in the real–world, and fine–grained analysis. If you want to rapidly gain knowledge and context from your data, Microsoft's latest and greatest interpretation of enterprise application integration, SQL Server Integration Services, is for you. As part of the extensive SQL Server suite, Integration Services is a more serious and expandable interpretation of the integration paradigm than previously available. At once both simple to use yet incredibly complex, it goes far beyond being a reimagining and reengineering of DTS, and it's all presented in a familiar Visual Studio context. It's agile, it's service-oriented, it's everything to everyone.

Written for the developer, the database administrator, and the data artisan, Pro SQL Server 2005 Integration Services will show you how to develop and deploy enterprise SSIS solutions in multibillion–item environments. It's everything SSIS, explained for everyone!


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