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Flash Application Design Solutions

The Flash Usability Handbook

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  • Over one million Flash developers worldwide. The book supports the new version of Flash, due later on this year

  • The only up-to-date book that focuses on usable Flash design

  • Mimics Dan Cederholm’s best-selling Web Standards Solutions—broadening the Solutions series


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Introducing Flash Usability

    1. Front Matter
      Pages xxiv-xxiv
  3. The Usability Solutions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 18-18
    2. Pages 41-65
    3. Pages 67-107
    4. Pages 139-161
    5. Pages 163-194
    6. Pages 209-225
    7. Pages 227-244
    8. Pages 247-268
    9. Pages 271-282
  4. Putting The Pieces Together

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 284-284
    2. Pages 285-297
    3. Pages 299-307
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 309-326

About this book


Flash Application Design Solutions shows you how to harness the power of ActionScript 2.0 and make the most of the improved design tools of Flash 8 to create usable, intuitive Flash interfaces.

In this book, you’ll find a number of concrete Flash usability solutions that use elements such as navigation menus, data filtering, forms, content loaders, Flash liquid layouts, help tips, and many other features. You’ll learn how each of these solutions actually improves on what is possible with HTML and JavaScript. In each case, you’ll see how users interact with the website feature, and how it gives users the most intuitive, enjoyable experience possible while using your application. You’ll get a step-by-step analysis of how to program and build each solution, and how to make it scalable, maintainable, and reusable.

The book concludes with a case study that showcases the solutions developed in the previous chapters, all working together in a single application. This example puts all the pieces together and highlights just how, with some thought and consideration, Flash can improve usability on the Web.

This book is essential reading for all Flash designers and developers, from beginners seeking valid solutions to veteran Flashers looking for a fresh perspective on application design, interaction, and reusability.


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About the authors

Ka Wai Cheung is a software architect and award-winning web designer specializing in developing usable web applications. He has a particular interest in creating rich internet experiences in Macromedia Flash and object-oriented programming theory. Having developed over a hundred web applications for industries ranging from law to entertainment, Ka Wai is a lead architect at Dizpersion Technologies, a company focused on RSS content distribution. Ka Wai has written for several online publications and resource sites including Digital Web Magazine (, (, and HOW design online ( He writes on anything from web standards and usability design to software development theory. He logs his past web projects and writings on his personal portfolio site, Project99 ( Ka Wai has degrees in computing and information systems, mathematics, and integrated science from Northwestern University in Chicago. When not working on the web, Ka Wai enjoys playing guitar, eating foods from all four corners of the world, attending sporting events and soaking up the always warm Chicago sun.

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From the reviews:

"This is a great book, not just in terms of the subject, which integrates usability concepts with an application framework, but in terms of clarity and organization. … The main goal is to explain how to develop complex applications with a rich and efficient user experience. … Each chapter has an introduction to the topic discussed, and then proceeds to tackle the code. … I recommend this book as a tutorial for new developers, and as a companion for experienced developers." (Jose M. Ramirez, ACM Computing Reviews, September, 2008)