Beginning VB .NET 1.1 Databases

From Novice to Professional

  • Authors
  • Dan Maharry
  • James Huddleston
  • Ranga Raghuram
  • Scott Allen
  • Syed Fahad Gilani
  • Jacob Hammer Pedersen
  • Jon Reid

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About this book


Visual Basic .NET is a powerful .NET programming language that is often considered the “workhorse” of programming. Further, development in VB .NET accounts for a huge portion of all programming efforts. To understand VB .NET is to meet challenging programming projects head-on.

Author Dan Maharry livens the topic with his unique style, and presents you with the skill set you want and need, to enter today's VB .NET programming jobs. This book is an ideal read for beginning and intermediate VB .NET students who want to understand the core of VB .NET and database programming. Maharry is at the height of his powers, and promises to lead you on a memorable VB .NET journey.


.NET ADO.NET ASP.NET SQL Visual Basic XML programming programming language

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