IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Separated Flows and their Control

Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium “Unsteady Separated Flows and their Control“, Corfu, Greece, 18–22 June 2007

  • Marianna Braza
  • Kerry Hourigan
Conference proceedings

Part of the IUTAM Bookseries book series (IUTAMBOOK, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxi
  2. Experimental Techniques for the Unsteady Flow Separation

    1. D. Sumner, H. B. Hemingson, D. M. Deutscher, J. E. Barth
      Pages 3-13
    2. R. Perrin, M. Braza, E. Cid, S. Cazin, P. Chassaing, C. Mockett et al.
      Pages 15-25
    3. M. Gohlke, J. F. Beaudoin, M. Amielh, F. Anselmet
      Pages 35-46
  3. Statistical and Hybrid Turbulence Modeling of Unsteady Separated Flows

    1. O. Frederich, U. Bunge, C. Mockett, F. Thiele
      Pages 49-62
    2. J. C. Uribe, N. Jarrin, R. Prosser, D. Laurence
      Pages 63-76
    3. G. N. Barakos, S. J. Lawson, R. Steijl, P. Nayyar
      Pages 77-87
  4. Theoretical Aspects & Analytical Approaches of Flow Separation

  5. Instability and Transition

    1. R. El Akoury, G. Martinat, M. Braza, R. Perrin, Y. Hoarau, G. Harran et al.
      Pages 187-200
    2. V. D. Narasimhamurthy, H. I. Andersson, B. Pettersen
      Pages 201-211
    3. P.C. Fernandes, P. Ern, F. Risso, J. Magnaudet
      Pages 213-222
    4. L. Schouveiler, M. C. Thompson, T. Leweke, K. Hourigan
      Pages 235-242
    5. K. Atvars, M. Thompson, K. Hourigan
      Pages 243-253
  6. Compressibility Effects Related to Unsteady Separation

    1. J. D. Crouch, A. Garbaruk, D. Magidov, L. Jacquin
      Pages 297-306
    2. R. Bourguet, M. Braza, G. Harran, A. Dervieux
      Pages 307-318
    3. R.A. Humble, F. Scarano, B.W. van Oudheusden
      Pages 319-330
    4. R. Langtry, P. Spalart
      Pages 357-366
    5. G. Martinat, M. Braza#, G. Harran, A. Sevrain, G. Tzabiras, Y. Hoarau et al.
      Pages 395-403
    6. R. El Akoury, M. Braza, Y. Hoarau, J. Vos, G. Harran, A. Sevrain
      Pages 405-415
    7. C. Mockett, R. Perrin, T. Reimann, M. Braza, F. Thiele
      Pages 417-427
    8. Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Bruno Koobus, Simone Camarri, Alain Dervieux
      Pages 429-440
  7. DNS and LES of Unsteady Separated Flows

    1. F. Richez, I. Mary, V. Gleize, C. Basdevant
      Pages 457-469
    2. J. Yao, O. Mouzoun, Y. Yao, P. Mason
      Pages 471-476
    3. M. S. Adaramola, D. Sumner, D. J. Bergstrom
      Pages 477-486
    4. S. C. Luo, T. T. L. Duong, Y. T. Chew
      Pages 487-492
  8. Theoretical/Industrial Aspects of Unsteady Separated Flow Control

    1. B. Stewart, K. Hourigan, M. Thompson, T. Leweke
      Pages 495-504
    2. B. Günther, A. Carnarius, F. Thiele, R. Becker, R. King
      Pages 505-516
    3. Pierre Comte, F. Daude, I. Mary
      Pages 517-527
    4. O. Cadot, B. Thiria, J.-F. Beaudoin
      Pages 529-537
    5. T. Jukes, K.-S. Choi
      Pages 539-550
    6. G. Mutschke, T. Weier, T. Albrecht, G. Gerbeth, R. Grundmann
      Pages 563-573

About these proceedings


Unsteady separated flows are an important topic in theoretical and applied mechanics. The IUTAM Symposium held in Corfu in 2007 (and following on from a previous meeting in Toulouse in 2002) aimed at achieving a unified approach which will regroup the knowledge coming from theoretical, experimental, numerical simulation, modeling and flow-control aspects of separated unsteady flows with respect to incompressible and compressible flow regimes. The subject areas are receiving a great deal of impetus from international research groups, stimulated by major research programs related to this topic, involving major industrial companies especially in aeronautics in various countries and by heading government programs. The symposium brought together groups of researchers working on problems related to the understanding and the prediction of unsteady, separated flows. The present IUTAM symposium proceedings volume is an essential extension of the topic to control theory and applications in respect of unsteady separated flows.

Topics addressed include physical aspects of the dynamics related to unsteady separation in incompressible flows and flows under compressibility effects, and the state of the art methods for modeling these kinds of flows in high Reynolds numbers. Special attention is paid to control theory and applications, especially including feed-back effects for the attenuation of unsteadiness and of flow separation. The understanding of the flow-physics and their efficient turbulence modeling remains a serious problem in a number of engineering applications, including Aeronautics and Aeroelasticity. Furthermore, the study of advanced flow modeling techniques, especially to control high-Reynolds number transitional and turbulent flows involving unsteady separation, is a crucial need in the above-mentioned domains of fundamental and applied research nowadays.

This work is of interest to people working in experimental investigation of unsteady separated flows, those working in the numerical simulation and turbulence modeling of these flows and those working in the domain of control theory. The symposium proceedings contributes to a better insight of this important category of flows from a fundamental and applied research point of view by means of a synergy among the three main approaches: theoretical, experimental and prediction methods.


Analysis Detached-Eddy Simulation Experiment Pitch STATISTICA mechanics modeling simulation

Editors and affiliations

  • Marianna Braza
    • 1
  • Kerry Hourigan
    • 2
  1. 1.Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de ToulouseUnité Mixte de Recherche CNRS 5502ToulouseFrance
  2. 2.Division of Biological EngineeringMonash UniversityClayton VICAustralia

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