ECCOMAS Multidisciplinary Jubilee Symposium

New Computational Challenges in Materials, Structures, and Fluids

  • Josef Eberhardsteiner
  • Christian Hellmich
  • Herbert A. Mang
  • Jacques Périaux

Part of the Computational Methods in Applied Sciences book series (COMPUTMETHODS, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. S. R. Idelsohn, E. Oñate, R. Rossi, J. Marti, F. Del Pin
    Pages 17-31
  3. M. A. Habte, N. Khalili, S. Valliappan
    Pages 49-61
  4. S. Cariou, L. Dormieux, F. Skoczylas
    Pages 63-77
  5. M. Papadrakakis, G. M. Stavroulakis
    Pages 79-93
  6. S. Valance, R. de Borst, J. Réthoré, M. Coret
    Pages 95-106
  7. B. A. Schrefler, F. Pesavento, D. Gawin
    Pages 107-120
  8. H. A. Meier, P. Steinmann, E. Kuhl
    Pages 121-133
  9. E. Stein, M. Rüter, S. Ohnimus
    Pages 135-153
  10. E. Ramm, M. von Scheven, C. Förster, W. A. Wall
    Pages 219-233
  11. W. A. Wall, A. Gerstenberger, U. M. Mayer
    Pages 235-249
  12. J. Sladek, V. Sladek, P. H. Wen
    Pages 263-275
  13. K. Murotani, G. Yagawa
    Pages 291-305
  14. E. Javierre, F. J. Vermolen, C. Vuik, P. Wesseling, S. van der Zwaag
    Pages 327-341
  15. K. Srinivas, J. Periaux, D. S. Lee, L. F. Gonzalez
    Pages 343-358

About this book


This book contains a collection of full papers presented at the ECCOMAS Multidisciplinary Jubilee Symposium -- New Computational Challenges in Materials, Structures, and Fluids, held in Vienna, Austria, February 18-20, 2008.

Computational challenges in materials, structures, and fluids, with a focus on multidisciplinarity and multi-scale analysis, are a hot topic in the engineering sciences (aerospace, civil, mechanical, etc.). Modern society in general and applied engineering sciences in particular are confronted with problems with levels of complexity never encountered before in the history of mankind.

The solution of scientific problems involving fluids together with solids and structures, not to forget materials, is of paramount importance in a technical world of rapidly increasing sophistication, referred to as the Leonardo World by the eminent German philosopher Jürgen Mittelstrass.

With this in mind, the ECCOMAS Managing Board decided to bring the principles of Applied Sciences into focus of the Jubilee Symposium by reconsidering the sources of relevant knowledge on processes occurring at different spatial and temporal scales. They are related to phenomena on different levels such as the nano-, micro-, meso-, and the macro level.


Sog complexity finite elements mechanics model modeling optimization physics porous media

Editors and affiliations

  • Josef Eberhardsteiner
    • 1
  • Christian Hellmich
    • 1
  • Herbert A. Mang
    • 1
  • Jacques Périaux
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute for Mechanics of Materials and StructuresVienna University of TechnologyViennaAustria
  2. 2.CIMNEBarcelonaSpain

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