Polymineral-Metasomatic Crystallogenesis

  • Arkady E. Glikin

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Polymineral-Metasomatic Crystallogenesis is dedicated to the foundations of polymineral crystallogenesis in solutions typically occurring in nature. Effects, laws, and mechanisms of a metasomatic crystal replacement, joint crystal growth of different phases, mixed crystal formation, and aggregate re-crystallization as well as oriented overgrowth (epitaxy and quasi-epitaxy) and crystal habit origin are considered experimentally. The behaviour of these processes in nature are discussed in addition to pseudomorphs, poikilitic crystals (and other replacement forms), features of rapakivi structure, fluorite morphology, and many more. The concept is a generalization of the classic theory on crystallogenesis which is complicated by phase interaction in polymineral systems.

Polymineral-Metasomatic Crystallogenesis is designed for chemists, geologists, physicists, and postgraduates and advanced undergraduate students of these fields.


Crystal growth Epitaxial growth Growth morphology Metasomatic replacement Mixed crystal formation Multiphase crystallization Physical Chemistry Recrystallization crystal mineralogy

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  • Arkady E. Glikin
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  1. 1.Crystallography DepartmentSaint Petersburg State UniversitySt. PetersburgRussia

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