Links Between Geological Processes, Microbial Activities&Evolution of Life

Microbes and Geology

  • Yildirim Dilek
  • Harald Furnes
  • Karlis Muehlenbachs

Part of the Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences book series (MASE, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Harald Furnes, Nicola McLoughlin, Karlis Muehlenbachs, Neil Banerjee, Hubert Staudigel, Yildirim Dilek et al.
    Pages 1-68
  3. David Wacey, Matt Kilburn, Crispin Stoakes, Hugh Aggleton, Martin Brasier
    Pages 113-134
  4. Fumio Inagaki, Satoshi Nakagawa
    Pages 135-158
  5. Robert N. Ginsburg, Noah J. Planavsky
    Pages 177-195
  6. Robin L. Brigmon, Penny Morris, Garriet Smith
    Pages 197-235
  7. Thomas Pape, Martin Blumenberg, Richard Seifert, Gerhard Bohrmann, Walter Michaelis
    Pages 281-311
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 339-348

About this book


Microbial activities influence water-rock interaction processes and chemical transport between the major geochemical reservoirs and the formation/transformation of minerals and rocks, whereas geological processes and geochemical controls influence the microbial ecology in extreme environments. How biological activity influences geological processes and what role these processes played in the geological evolution of the Earth are fundamental questions. How do we recognize the ancient microbial activities in the rock record and what analytical methods do we use to document them to better understand the evolution of life? Can we detect the existence of microbial life in deep time by studying Archaean rocks? Microbial systems in extreme environments and in the deep biosphere may be analogous to potential life on other planetary bodies and hence may be used to investigate the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.

This book explores these questions in an interdisciplinary approach, and examines the mode and nature of links between geological processes and microbial activities and their significance for the origin and evolution of life on the Earth and possibly on other planets.


Archaea Habitat Ocean biochemistry biogeography biosphere chemistry distribution ecology environment evolution geology marine microbe microbes

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  • Karlis Muehlenbachs
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