Nanoscaled Semiconductor-on-Insulator Structures and Devices

  • Steve Hall
  • Alexei N. Nazarov
  • Vladimir S. Lysenko
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Nanoscaled SOI Material and Device Technologies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 2-2
    2. Francis Balestra
      Pages 3-18
    3. Max C. Lemme, H. D. B. Gottlob, Heinrich Kurz
      Pages 19-32
    4. Steve Hall, O. Buiu, I. Z. Mitrovic, Y. Lu, W. M. Davey
      Pages 33-58
    5. Vladimir Popov, Ida Tyschenko, Alexander Cherkov, Matthias Voelskow
      Pages 59-72
    6. Vikram Passi, Benoit Olbrechts, Jean-Pierre Raskin, Jens Bolten, Thomas Mollenhauer, Thorsten Wahlbrink et al.
      Pages 89-94
  3. Physics of Novel Nanoscaled SemOI Devices

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 96-96
    2. Anatoly V. Dvurechenskii, A. I. Yakimov, N. P. Stepina, V. V. Kirienko, P. L. Novikov
      Pages 113-128
    3. Jean-Pierre Colinge
      Pages 129-142
    4. Joachim Knoch, Hans Lüth
      Pages 143-158
    5. W. Xiong, C. R. Cleavelin, T. Schulz, K. Schrüfer, P. Patruno, Jean-Pierre Colinge
      Pages 159-164
    6. C. A. Colinge, W. Xiong, C. R. Cleavelin, Jean-Pierre Colinge
      Pages 165-170
    7. I. Z. Mitrovic, Huda Abdel Wahab El Mubarek, O. Buiu, Steve Hall, Peter Ashburn, J. Zhang
      Pages 171-178
  4. Reliability and Characterization of Nanoscaled SOI Devices

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 180-180
    2. N. Lukyanchikova
      Pages 181-198
    3. T. Rudenko, Valeria Kilchytska, N. Collaert, Alexei N. Nazarov, M. Jurczak, Denis Flandre
      Pages 199-220
    4. Valeria Kilchytska, David Levacq, Dimitri Lederer, Guillaume Pailloncy, Jean-Pierre Raskin, Denis Flandre
      Pages 221-238
    5. S. Zaouia, S. Cristoloveanu, A. H. Perera
      Pages 239-250
    6. Alexei N. Nazarov, Vladimir S. Lysenko, Xiaohui Tang, Nicolas Reckinger, Vincent Bayot
      Pages 251-256
  5. Theory and Modeling of Nanoscaled Devices

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 258-258
    2. F. Gámiz, A. Godoy, C. Sampedro
      Pages 303-322
    3. A. Orlikovsky, V. Vyurkov, V. Lukichev, I. Semenikhin, A. Khomyakov
      Pages 323-340
    4. Bogdan Majkusiak
      Pages 341-356
    5. Viktor Sverdlov, Enzo Ungersboeck, Hans Kosina
      Pages 357-362
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 369-369

About these proceedings


This proceedings volume constitutes an archive of the contributions of the key-speakers who attended the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on “Nanoscaled Semiconductor-On-Insulator Structures and devices” held in the Tourist and Recreation Centre “Sudak” (Crimea, Ukraine) from 15 to 19 October 2006. The semiconductor industry has sustained a very rapid growth during the last three decades through impressive technological developments which have resulted in products with higher performance and lower cost per function. After many years of development it is now confidently predicted that semiconductor-on-insulator materials will enter and increasingly be used by manufacturing industry. The wider use of semiconductor (es- cially silicon) on insulator materials will not only enable the benefits of these materials to be demonstrated but, also, will drive down the cost of substrates which, in turn, will stimulate the development of other novel devices and applications. Thus the semiconductor-on-insulator materials of today are not only the basis for modern microelectronics but also for future nanoscale devices and ICs. In itself this trend will encourage the promotion of the skills and ideas generated by researchers in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Indeed, one of the goals of this Workshop is to promote the development of SOI technologies worldwide.


Anode CMOS FinFET IC MOSFET Nanotube Potential Transistor electronics heterojunction bipolar transistor integrated circuit metal oxide semiconductur field-effect transistor modeling quantum dot simulation

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