Advanced Environmental Monitoring

  • Young J. Kim
  • Ulrich Platt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring

    1. Ram A. Hashmonay, Ravi M. Varma, Mark T. Modrak, Robert H. Kagann, Robin R. Segall, Patrick D. Sullivan
      Pages 21-36
    2. Frank K. Tittel, Yury A. Bakhirkin, Robert F. Curl, Anatoliy A. Kosterev, Matthew R. McCurdy, Stephen G. So et al.
      Pages 50-63
    3. Kevin P. Wyche, Christopher Whyte, Robert S. Blake, Rebecca L. Cordell, Kerry A. Willis, Andrew M. Ellis et al.
      Pages 64-76
    4. Fenji Jin, Sungki Jung, Jooll Kim, K.-R. Kim, T. Chen, Donghao Li et al.
      Pages 77-89
    5. Sung-Nam Oh, Jun-Seok Cha, Dong-Won Lee, Jin-Su Choi
      Pages 90-106
    6. Michel Grutter, Roberto Basaldud, Edgar Flores, Roland Harig
      Pages 107-118
  3. Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring

    1. Ravi M. Varma, Ram A. Hashmonay, Ke Du, Mark J. Rood, Byung J. Kim, Michael R. Kemme
      Pages 143-154
    2. Detlef Müller, Ina Mattis, Albert Ansmann, Ulla Wandinger, Dietrich Althausen
      Pages 155-166
    3. Anna M. Tafuro, F. De Tomasi, Maria R. Perrone
      Pages 179-189
    4. Wolfgang von Hoyningen-Huene, Alexander Kokhanovsky, John P. Burrows
      Pages 190-202
    5. Sylvie Buteau, Jean-R. Simard, Pierre Lahaie, Gilles Roy, Pierre Mathieu, Bernard Déry et al.
      Pages 203-216
  4. Contaminant-Control Process Monitoring

    1. Byung-Tae Lee, Kyung-Hee Shin, Ju-Yong Kim, Kyoung-Woong Kim
      Pages 248-258
    2. Joon-Wun Kang, Byung Soo Oh, Sang Yeon Park, Tae-Mun Hwang, Hyun Je Oh, Youn Kyoo Choung
      Pages 271-281
    3. Uwe Wachsmuth, Matthias Niederkrüger, Gerd Marowsky, Norbert Konradt, Hans-Peter Rohns
      Pages 282-294
  5. Biosensors, Bioanalytical and Biomonitoring Systems

    1. Peter-D. Hansen
      Pages 297-311
    2. Alice Zitova, Fiach C. O’Mahony, Maud Cross, John Davenport, Dmitri B. Papkovsky
      Pages 312-324
    3. Yoshihide Tanaka, Tetsuji Higashi, Randeep Rakwal, Junko Shibato, Emiko Kitagawa, Satomi Murata et al.
      Pages 325-337
    4. Jeong-Woo Choi, Byung-Keun Oh
      Pages 348-362
    5. Katsuyuki Kishi, Emiko Kitagawa, Hitoshi Iwahashi, Tomotaka Ippongi, Hiroshi Kawauchi, Keisuke Nakazono et al.
      Pages 363-375
    6. Carlos Gravato, Melissa Faria, Anabela Alves, Joana Santos, Lúcia Guilhermino
      Pages 390-401
    7. Sonja Mülhopt, Hanns-Rudolf Paur, Silvia Diabaté, Harald F. Krug
      Pages 402-414
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 415-420

About this book


When dealing with increasing environmental concerns associated with water, air and soil pollution, as well as climate change induced by human activities, accurate assessment of the state of the environment is a prerequisite for undertaking any course of action towards improvement.

This book deals with recent developments and applications of environmental monitoring technologies, with emphasis on optical and biological methods that are rapidly progressing through the integration of emerging technologies from various disciplines.

Thirty-one chapters, written by internationally renowned researchers in their respective fields, have been selected from presentations at the 6th International Symposium on Advanced Environmental Monitoring, held June 26-30, 2006 in Heidelberg, Germany.

Topics include:

  • atmospheric environmental monitoring
  • contaminant-control process monitoring
  • biosensors, bioanalytical and biomonitoring systems

This book will be useful to environmental scientists in academia, research institutes, industry and the government.


Air and Water Quality Biomonitoring Biosensor Environmental Change Environmental Monitoring Microarray Pathogen Remote Sensing Toxicity Transport

Editors and affiliations

  • Young J. Kim
    • 1
  • Ulrich Platt
    • 2
  1. 1.Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology500-712Buk-guKorea
  2. 2.University of HeidelbergD-69120Germany

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