Risk Assessment of Chemicals

An Introduction

  • C.J. van Leeuwen
  • T.G. Vermeire

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXII
  2. C.J. Van Leeuwen
    Pages 1-36
  3. P. Van Der Poel, D.N. Brooke, C.J. Van Leeuwen
    Pages 37-71
  4. D.T.H.M. Sijm, M.G.J. Rikken, E. Rorije, T.P. Traas, M.S. Mclachlan, W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg
    Pages 73-158
  5. D. Van De Meent, J.H.M. De Bruijn
    Pages 159-193
  6. J.G.M. Van Engelen, P. J. Hakkinen, C. Money, M.G.J. Rikken, T.G. Vermeire
    Pages 195-226
  7. T.G. Vermeire, A.J. Baars, J.G.M. Bessems, B.J. Blaauboer, W. Slob, J.J.A. Muller
    Pages 227-280
  8. T.P. Traas, C.J. Van Leeuwen
    Pages 281-356
  9. P.G.P.C. Zweers, T.G. Vermeire
    Pages 357-374
  10. G. Schüürmann, R.-U. Ebert, M. Nendza, J.C. Dearden, A. Paschke, R. Kühne
    Pages 375-426
  11. A.P. Worth, T.I. Netzeva, G. Patlewicz
    Pages 427-465
  12. C.J. van Leeuwen, G.Y. Patlewicz, A.P. Worth
    Pages 467-509
  13. C.J. Van Leeuwen, B.G. Hansen, J.H.M. De Bruijn
    Pages 511-551
  14. C. Auer, J. Alter
    Pages 553-574
  15. M.E. Meek, V.C. Armstrong
    Pages 591-621
  16. R. Diderich
    Pages 623-638
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 639-686

About this book


This book is the 2nd edition of a book published in 1995. The first book was written parallel to major developments in the science of risk assessment following the introduction of EU-legislation on industrial chemicals in the period 1970-1995. The present edition reflects the progress and experience since 1995 and again aims at providing background and training material for a new generation of risk assessors, specifically for those who will be involved in implementing legislation in the EU (REACH, the new legislative framework for industrial chemicals) and, in addition, the USA, Japan and Canada. The book is an introduction to risk assessment of chemicals and contains basic background information on sources, emissions, distribution and fate processes for the estimation of exposure of plant and animal species in the environment and humans exposed via the environment, consumer products, and at the workplace. This book includes chapters on environmental chemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology as well as information on data requirements, data estimation methodologies and intelligent testing strategies. It describes the basic principles and methods of risk assessment in the legislative frameworks of the EU, USA, Japan, and Canada. It also provides an overview of the OECD Chemicals Program.  The book is intended to be used by those who are involved in risk assessment of chemicals in government, research institutes, academia and industry as well as by students in technology, health and environmental sciences.


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Editors and affiliations

  • C.J. van Leeuwen
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  • T.G. Vermeire
    • 3
  1. 1.European Commission, Joint Research CentreIspraItaly
  2. 2.Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNOZeist
  3. 3.National Institute for Public Health and the EnvironmentBilthovenThe Netherlands

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