Nanotechnology – Toxicological Issues and Environmental Safety and Environmental Safety

  • P. P. Simeonova
  • N. Opopol
  • M. I. Luster
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  2. A. D. Maynard
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  3. G. Oberdörster
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  4. V. E. Kagan, K. M. K. Rao, E. R. Kisin, S.-H. Young, T. Meighan, A. R. Murray et al.
    Pages 65-75
  5. P. H. M. Hoet, J. Geys, A. Nemmar, B. Nemery
    Pages 77-90
  6. T. Chervenkov, D. Ivanova, B. Galunska, D. Gerova, T. Yankova
    Pages 111-118
  7. R. Tomovska, M. Marinkovski, R. Frajgar
    Pages 207-229
  8. N. F. Izmerov, L. V. Prokopenko, L. P. Kuzmina, O. V. Sivochalova, T. A. Tkacheva
    Pages 239-247
  9. K. Demnerova, P. Lovecka, L. Matěju, M. Mackova, A. Z. Filip
    Pages 249-270
  10. G. Dura, B. Szalay
    Pages 271-276

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Nanotechnology is one of the fastest growing technological fields of the 21st century. Nanotechnologies will impact numerous industries, including daily consumer products, health care, energy, and transportation. However, the success of the emerging nanotechnology applications will depend on dynamic development of nanomaterial toxicology, risk and exposure assessment. Little is known about the potential adverse health and ecological effects of exposure to engineered nanomaterials, the main components of many nanotechnologies. Concerns are coming from the initial toxicological studies as well as the research and epidemiological reports on ultrafine particle toxicity. This book provides a summary of the state-of-art knowledge on nanomaterials and nanoparticles – toxicological issues; risk assessment and control measures; public participation and educational/ethical issues; and lastly, institutional mechanisms and status reports from various countries. This book includes a summary of the most important gaps in knowledge, needs for research, and collaborations in the field of nanotechnology regarding safe application and development.


Environmental NATO Nanomaterial Nanotube Science Security Stress Sub-Series C carbon nanotubes nanotechnology

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