Bacterial Fish Pathogens

Diseases of Farmed and Wild Fish

  • B. Austin
  • D. A. Austin

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About this book


This completely revised and updated edition of Bacterial Fish Pathogens is a comprehensive discussion of the biological aspects of the bacterial taxa which cause disease in fish. Since the 3rd edition was published in 1999, much has changed in the control of disease of farmes and wild fish. New pathogens such as Pasteurella skyensis have been described, and antimicrobial compounds for the control of disease have been replaced by alternative methods, such as probiotics. Consideration is given to all the bacterial taxa which have at some time been reported as fish pathogens, whether they are secondary invaders of already damaged tissues or serious, primary pathogens.

Bacterial Fish Pathogens

*provides up-to-date information on all the bacterial fish pathogens
*covers all aspects of the biology of the bacterial fish pathogens
*details comprehensive diagnostic and identification schemes
*covers new developments on long-established diseases, such as furunculosis and vibriosis
*considers alternative methods of disease control, such as the use of probiotics


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