Studies of Cave Sediments

Physical and Chemical Records of Paleoclimate

  • Ira D. Sasowsky
  • John Mylroie

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Rachel F. Bosch, William B. White
    Pages 1-22
  3. Barbara J. Mahler, Jean-Christian Personne, F. Leo Lynch, Peter C. Van Metre
    Pages 23-46
  4. Ira. D. Sasowsky, Rebecca A. Clotts, Bryan Crowell, Selena M. Walko, Edward J. LaRock, William Harbert
    Pages 71-81
  5. F. Leo Lynch, Barbara J. Mahler, Nico N. Hauwert
    Pages 83-93
  6. Elizabeth P. Knapp, Dennis O. Terry, David J. Harbor, Robert C. Thren
    Pages 95-106
  7. Jeffrey A. Dorale, R. Lawrence Edwards, E. Calvin Alexander Jr, Chuan-Chou Shen, David A. Richards, Hai Cheng
    Pages 177-197
  8. Russell S. Harmon, Henry P. Schwarcz, Mel Gascoyne, John W. Hess, Derek C. Ford
    Pages 199-226
  9. Christoph Spotl, Augusto Mangini, Stephen J. Burns, Norbert Frank, Rudolf Pavuza
    Pages 243-256
  10. Steven C. Turgeon, Joyce Lundberg
    Pages 273-302
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 323-329

About this book


Caves serve as unique repositories for geologic, biologic, and anthropologic information. The sediments within these natural cavities are incredibly diverse. They include secondary minerals such as calcite and gypsum, which occur in sundry forms, as well as allogenic and autogenic clasts. This book is for any geoscience researcher or student with interests in climate change, paleohydrology, karst geology, and sedimentology. Studies of Cave Sediments is the first comprehensive volume on cave sediments. It provides case-studies from around the world, gives guidance on appropriate applications of techniques, and their limitations, synthesizes methods that can be used to decipher complex deposits, and includes chemical deposits (speleothems) as well as clastic sediments.


Cave sediments Chemical Karst Paleoclimate Sediment geochemistry hydrology sedimentology transport

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  • John Mylroie
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