Electron Correlation in New Materials and Nanosystems

  • Kurt Scharnberg
  • Sergei Kruchinin
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAII, volume 241)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Quantum Nanodevices

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XI
    2. Akihiko Fujiwara, Yukitaka Matsuoka, Nobuhito Inami, Eiji Shikoh
      Pages 3-8
    3. N. Chandrasekhar
      Pages 9-21
    4. A.I. Romanenko, O.B. Anikeeva, T.I. Buryakov, E.N. Tkachev, A.V. Okotrub, V.L. Kuznetsov et al.
      Pages 23-35
    5. E.G. Petrov
      Pages 37-57
    6. Yu. G. Naidyuk, I.K. Yanson, D.L. Bashlakov, V.V. Fisun, O.P. Balkashin, L.Y. Triputen et al.
      Pages 59-69
  3. Superconductivity

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XI
    2. Satoshi Akutagawa, Takahiro Muranaka, Jun Akimitsu
      Pages 73-92
    3. A. Bianconi, M. Filippi, M. Fratini, E. Liarokapis, V. Palmisano, N. L. Saini et al.
      Pages 93-101
    4. T. Örd, N. Kristoffel, K. Rägo
      Pages 107-115
    5. Hidemi Nagao, Hiroyuki Kawabe, Sergei P. Kruchinin
      Pages 117-127
    6. Hiroyuki Kawabe, Hidemi Nagao, Sergei P. Kruchinin
      Pages 129-139
    7. Ariando H., H. J. H. Smilde, C. J. M. Verwijs, G. Rijnders, D. H. A. Blank, H. Rogalla et al.
      Pages 149-174
    8. Dirk Manske, Ilya Eremin
      Pages 175-186
    9. J.-P. Ismer, I. Eremin, D. K. Morr
      Pages 187-197
    10. C. T. Rieck, K. Scharnberg, S. Scheffler
      Pages 199-221
    11. K. Yamaguchi, Y. Kitagawa, S. Yamanaka, D. Yamaki, T. Kawakami, M. Okumura et al.
      Pages 223-233
    12. Ken-ichi Kumagai, Kosuke Kakuyanagi, Masato Saitoh, Sinnya Takashima, Minoru Nohara, Hidenori Takagi et al.
      Pages 235-249
    13. Thomas Dahm, Hyekyung Won, Kazumi Maki
      Pages 251-261
    14. John D. Dow, Dale R. Harshman, Anthony T. Fiory
      Pages 263-274
    15. N. Kristoffel, T. Örd, P. Rubin
      Pages 275-282
    16. Peter Brusov, Pavel Brusov
      Pages 283-292
    17. G. Stenuit, J. Govaerts, S. Michotte, L. Piraux
      Pages 293-302
    18. Serghej L. Prischepa, Carmine Attanasio, Carla Cirillo
      Pages 303-315
    19. James F Annett, Balazs L Gyorffy, M. Krawiec
      Pages 317-324
  4. Spintronics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages I-XI
    2. A. N. Rubtsov, M. I. Katsnelson, E. N. Gorelov
      Pages 327-341
    3. Alexander Shnirman, Gerd Schön, Ivar Martin, Yuriy Makhlin
      Pages 343-356
    4. R. Schäfer, B. Limbach, P. vom Stein, C. Wallisser
      Pages 357-369
    5. R. K. Kremer, M. Ryazanov, A. Simon
      Pages 417-429
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 431-437

About these proceedings


The articles collected in this book cover a wide range of materials with extraordinary superconducting and magnetic properties. For many of the materials studied, strong electronic correlations provide a link between these two phenomena which were long thought to be highly antagonistic. Both the progress in our understanding of fundamental physical processes and the advances made towards the development of devices are reported here. The materials studied come in a variety of forms and shapes from bulk to epitaxial films, nano- and heterostructures down to those involving single molecules and double quantum dots. In some cases the structuring serves the study of bulk properties. More often it is the change of these properties with nanostructuring and the properties of different materials in close proximity with each other that are of key interest because of possible application of these materials or heterostructures to quantum computing and spintronics.


Doping Fulleren Fullerene Magnetic field PED PES REM STEM Semiconductor Superconductor quantum dot spintronics

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  • Kurt Scharnberg
    • 1
  • Sergei Kruchinin
    • 2
  1. 1.University of HamburgGermany
  2. 2.Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical PhysicsKievUkraine

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