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Improvement of Crop Plants for Industrial End Uses


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Jeffrey S. Amthor
    Pages 27-58
  3. Lorenzo Barbanti, Andrea Monti, Gianpietro Venturi
    Pages 83-127
  4. Jennifer Stephens, Claire Halpin
    Pages 129-153
  5. Marcel Toonen, Michel Ebskamp, Robert Kohler
    Pages 155-180
  6. Ravindra N. Chibbar, Seedhabadee Ganeshan, Monica Båga
    Pages 181-208
  7. David Chiaramonti
    Pages 209-251
  8. Irina A. Guschina, John L. Harwood
    Pages 253-279
  9. Jon Van Gerpen
    Pages 281-289
  10. Giuliano Grassi, Alexander Allan
    Pages 291-305
  11. Chiara Lico, Selene Baschieri, Carla Marusic, Eugenio Benvenuto
    Pages 417-433
  12. Richard M. Twyman, Stefan Schillberg, Rainer Fischer
    Pages 435-469
  13. Antonella Leone, Stefania Grillo, Luigi Monti, Teodoro Cardi
    Pages 471-507
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 523-533

About this book


Advanced biotechnologies enable breeders to produce a whole generation of new crops for specialist needs ("designer crops"), including raw materials for the energy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This book provides concerns useful to promote an increase of the productivity of crops by using functional genomics (to understand the regulation of plant metabolism at molecular, cellular and whole plants), and the improvement of photosynthetic efficiency (to design new plants with enhanced raw materials percent and recovery). Fundamental thematics have been addressed: metabolic engineering, plant breeding tools, renewable biomass for energy generation, fibres and composites, biopharmaceuticals. The gained know how is relevant to identify bottlenecks in the major production chains and to propose actions for moving these issues forward: in particular to; i) produce new compounds by expressing foreign heterologous genes; ii) modify pathways to influence quality and/or yield of existing indigenous molecules; iii) bioprocess plant or organic waste stream into value-added products. The chapters of this book have been written by experts from all around the world.


Lipid biodiesel biofuel biotechnology metabolism photosynthesis quality regulation

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