The Interactions Between Sediments and Water

  • Brian Kronvang
  • Jadran Faganeli
  • Nives Ogrinc

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Sediment and Water Interactions in Streams

    1. Ellen L. Petticrew, Ian G. Droppo, Nives Ogrinc, Brian Kronvang, Jadran Faganeli
      Pages 1-5
    2. Deborah J. Ballantine, Desmond E. Walling, Adrian L. Collins, Graham J. L. Leeks
      Pages 7-16
    3. Sulfikar Hanafi, Michael R. Grace, Barry T. Hart
      Pages 39-47
    4. Rasmus B. Lauridsen, Brian Kronvang, Nikolai Friberg
      Pages 59-68
    5. Aaron I. Packman, Andrea Marion, Mattia Zaramella, Cheng Chen, Jean-François Gaillard, Denis T. Keane
      Pages 69-78
    6. Marcel van der Perk, Philip N. Owens, Lynda K. Deeks, Barry G. Rawlins
      Pages 79-87
  3. Sediment and Water Interactions in Lakes

    1. Nada Horvatinčić, José Luis Briansó, Bogomil Obelić, Jadranka Barešić, Ines Krajcar Bronić
      Pages 111-121
    2. J. Hejzlar, K. Šámalová, P. Boers, B. Kronvang
      Pages 123-130
    3. B. Ogorelec, B. Bole, J. Leonidakis, B. Cermelj, M. Mišič, J. Faganeli
      Pages 141-149
    4. Jaan-Mati Punning, Jaanus Terasmaa, Titt Vaasma
      Pages 151-157
  4. Sediment and Water Interactions in Coastal Water

    1. Henning S. Jensen, Tina Bendixen, Frede Ø. Andersen
      Pages 183-191
    2. Ping-Ping Shen, Hong Zhou, Ho-Yan Lai, Ji-Dong Gu
      Pages 211-217
    3. Tommaso Tesi, Stefano Miserocchi, Leonardo Langone, Laurita Boni, Franca Guerrini
      Pages 229-239
    4. Ester Heath, Nives Ogrinc, Jadran Faganeli, Stefano Covelli
      Pages 241-250
  5. Linking Catchments and Streams

    1. Susanne Heise, Ulrich Förstner
      Pages 261-272
    2. Ellen L. Petticrew, Philip N. Owens, Timothy R. Giles
      Pages 283-292
    3. Paolo Porto, E. Des Walling, Giovanni Callegari, Francesco Catona
      Pages 293-303
    4. N. J. Pittam, T. M. Mighall, I. D. L. Foster
      Pages 313-319

About this book


This book focuses on sediments as a pollutant in natural freshwater and marine habitats, and as a vector for the transfer of chemicals such as nutrients and contaminants. Sediment-water research is carried out all over the world within a variety of disciplines. The selected papers cover three main topics:

-assessment and/or restoration of disturbed watersheds

-sediment-water linkages in terrestrial and aquatic environments

-evaluation of sediment and ecological changes in marine and freshwater habitats

Innovative research in both developed and less developed countries is included and both fundamental research and insight into applied research and system management are covered.

This book will be of interest to graduate students, researchers, catchment managers and government regulators working within many areas of education, protection and management of the environment, including sediment geochemistry and dynamics, aquatic habitats, water quality, aquatic ecology, river morphology, restoration techniques and catchment management.


Reprinted from Water, Air, & Soil Pollution: Focus, Volume 6, Issues 5-6, 2006


Ecology Eutrophication Fauna Geochemistry Transport development ecosystem environment erosion wetland

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  • Jadran Faganeli
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  • Nives Ogrinc
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