Forest Diversity and Management

  • Editors
  • David L. Hawksworth
  • Alan T. Bull

Part of the Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation book series (TOBC, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VI
  2. David L. Hawksworth
    Pages 1-1
  3. D. Closset-Kopp, A. Schnitzler, D. Aran
    Pages 3-33
  4. Olivarimbola Andrianoelina, Hery Rakotondraoelina, Lolona Ramamonjisoa, Jean Maley, Pascal Danthu, Jean-Marc Bouvet
    Pages 49-68
  5. Hélène Gondard, François Romane, Ignacio Santa Regina, Salvatore Leonardi
    Pages 69-82
  6. Friedrich Patrick Graz
    Pages 83-97
  7. Bärbel Bleher, Dana Uster, Thomas Bergsdorf
    Pages 99-117
  8. M. G. P. Tchouto, M. Yemefack, W. F. De Boer, J. J. F. E. De Wilde, L. J. G. Van Der Maesen, A. M. Cleef
    Pages 159-192
  9. Gerhard Langenberger, Konrad Martin, Joachim Sauerborn
    Pages 211-241
  10. Weibang Sun, Yuan Zhou, Chunyuan Han, Chunxia Zeng, Xiaodong Shi, Qibai Xiang et al.
    Pages 243-258
  11. Niall G. Burnside, Dan J. Metcalfe, Roger F. Smith, Steve Waite
    Pages 259-278
  12. M. G. P. Tchouto, W. F. De Boer, J. J. F. E. De Wilde, L. J. G. Van Der Maesen
    Pages 293-314
  13. Benigno González-Rivas, Mulualem Tigabu, Karin Gerhardt, Guillermo Castro-Marín, Per Christer Odén
    Pages 449-467
  14. B. Balaguru, S. John Britto, N. Nagamurugan, D. Natarajan, S. Soosairaj
    Pages 469-483

About this book


Natural forests with thousands of years of ecological continuity are unrivalled as the treasure store of terrestrial biodiversity on Earth. And while there is currently no fully comprehensive inventory of the biota associated with any given forest, it is reasonable to assume that in conserving natural forests we can conserve the myriads of unnamed bacteria, fungi, insects, mites and nematodes that forests support.

Drawing on diverse research from biodiversity experts around the world, this collection of papers reflects the diversity of forest types and forest issues that concern forest scientists globally. Forest types considered vary from savannah and tropical rainforests to the ancient oak forests of Poland; issues explored include the effects of logging, management practices, forest dynamics and climate change on forest structure and biodiversity.

Given the range of topics covered, this book should be of particular interest to those involved in teaching forest conservation and management, as well as to researchers requiring an overview of current work in forest diversity, conservation and sustainable management.

Reprinted from Biodiversity and Conservation 15:4 (2006).



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