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Phytoremediation Rhizoremediation

  • Martina Mackova
  • David Dowling
  • Thomas Macek

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. John Fletcher
    Pages 1-3
  3. A. Wiessner, P. Kuschk, U. Kappelmeyer, O. Bederski, R. A. Müller, M. Kästner
    Pages 69-82
  4. Pavel Tlustoš, Daniela Pavlíková, Jiřina Száková, Zuzana Fischeroá, Jiří Balík
    Pages 83-102
  5. Autumn S. Wang, Rufus L. Chaney, J. Scott Angle, Marla S. McIntosh
    Pages 103-114
  6. Domen Leštan
    Pages 115-132
  7. Martina Mackova, Diane Barriault, Katerina Francova, Michel Sylvestre, Monika Möder, Blanka Vrchotova et al.
    Pages 143-167
  8. Melissa P. Mezzari, Jerald L. Schnoor
    Pages 169-178
  9. Jean-Paul Schwitzguébel, Joana Meyer, Petra Kidd
    Pages 179-198
  10. Joel G. Burken, Xingmao Ma
    Pages 199-216
  11. Mihály Czakó, Xianzhong Feng, Yuke He, Sharada Gollapudi, László Márton
    Pages 217-225
  12. Miroslav Vosátka, Jana Rydlová, Radka Sudová, Martin Vohník
    Pages 237-257

About this book


The first part of Volume 9 will supply the readers with up-to-date information concerning the necessary theoretical background, both concerning removal of heavy metals from the contaminated environment, and removal, detoxication and even degradation of toxic organic contaminants. Until recently phytoremediation has been discussed mostly in monographs dealing with microbiological remediation methods as a separate chapter, just to illustrate an additional possibility of use of biological systems. This book intends to show especially the importance of cooperation between plant and microorganisms, there is practically no phytoremediation without rhizoremediation. Newest approaches based on methods of molecular biology and genetic engineering are described, as well as plant science achievements. The great advantage of this volume is that the reader will find here in addition to a survey of published data also a lot of original findings, thus supplying an up-to-date review of this quickly developing field of science.


Ecology Filtration biology environment enzymes genetic engineering metabolism microorganisms molecular biology wetland

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