Marketing Theory and Practice

  • Editors
  • Michael J. Baker
  • Olivier Badot
  • Ken Bernard
  • Stephen Brown
  • Douglas Brownlie
  • Sara Carter
  • K. C. Chan
  • Bernard Cova
  • Keith Crosier
  • Adamantios Diamantopoulos
  • Bill Donaldson
  • Sean Ennis
  • Pervez Ghauri
  • Susan J. Hart
  • Peter Leeflang
  • Dale Littler
  • Michael C. Mcdermott
  • Lyn Mcgregor
  • Shan Rajagopal
  • Daniel Tixier
  • John Webb

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Michael J. Baker
    Pages 1-9
  3. Michael J. Baker
    Pages 10-22
  4. Stephen Brown
    Pages 23-39
  5. Lyn Mcgregor
    Pages 40-58
  6. Shan Rajagopal
    Pages 59-89
  7. Dale Littler
    Pages 90-103
  8. John Webb
    Pages 104-124
  9. Peter Leeflang
    Pages 125-159
  10. Michael J. Baker
    Pages 160-170
  11. Susan J. Hart
    Pages 171-181
  12. Adamantios Diamantopoulos
    Pages 182-197
  13. Sean Ennis
    Pages 198-215
  14. Keith Crosier
    Pages 216-249
  15. Ken Bernard
    Pages 292-319
  16. Sara Carter
    Pages 320-329
  17. Bill Donaldson
    Pages 330-345
  18. Daniel Tixier
    Pages 346-358
  19. Michael C. Mcdermott, K. C. Chan
    Pages 359-378
  20. Pervez Ghauri
    Pages 379-389
  21. Bernard Cova, Olivier Badot
    Pages 416-431
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 433-442

About this book


The third edition of Michael Baker's popular text again starts from the premise that the development of marketing depends on the integration of theory and practice and that if marketing is to achieve the transition from art to applied science, it must establish a sound theoretical foundation in its own right. The book has been thoroughly updated to take account of new developments and many new contributions from leading marketing academics have been added including 13 entirely new chapters covering areas such as relationship marketing, marketing and Eastern Europe and Market Segmentation. The book will be useful to students at undergraduate and MBA level seeking a thorough understanding of the development of marketing theory and practice. It makes an excellent follow-up to Michael Baker's Marketing: An Introduction.


communication international marketing market segmentation marketing pricing product development relationship marketing retailing strategic marketing

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