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  2. Valerie Meyers
    Pages 22-42
  3. Valerie Meyers
    Pages 43-59
  4. Valerie Meyers
    Pages 87-100
  5. Valerie Meyers
    Pages 101-113
  6. Valerie Meyers
    Pages 114-139
  7. Valerie Meyers
    Pages 140-146
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 147-158

About this book


This book examines Orwell's six novels in detail and identifies Orwell's contribution to the form and technique of the novel. Orwell got started as a novelist by imitating literary models, especially Dickens, Kipling, Wells and D.H.Lawrence. Later he adapted the voice, style and subject-matter of his essays and political journalism to the novel. This book not only places Orwell's attempts to incorporate politics into fiction in the context of the literature of the 1930s and 1940s, but also shows how his novels have influenced writers up to the present.


Charles Dickens David Herbert Lawrence fiction novel Rudyard Kipling

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