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This book covers the whole range of marketing principles, skills and knowledge that the modern construction manager - from whatever discipline or profession within the industry - requires to generate effective and profitable business. While aimed primarily at students in the later years of degree, diploma and professional courses, it will also appeal to students in related disciplines and those following postgraduate and post-qualification courses.

The approach underlines the importance of adopting a proactive attitude towards the marketing of a company's services in the construction industry. It reflects the reality of the transformation that has taken place over the past twenty years where there has been a shift from a highly protected domestic industry to an unprotected global industry.

The already huge and increasing pool of expertise in the field means that there is much greater choice available to clients and and potential clients. The choice of contractor is therefore going to be made increasingly on the basis of factors other than pure expertise. Therein lies the importance of marketing. Factors such as price, quality, value, volume, time, client satisfaction and confidence all come into play - and these are presented and differentiated through marketing.

The book covers all the principles of marketing, including strategy, marketing campaigns, product and service, price, promotion, access and research. It also deals with client perceptions, confidence, expectations and understanding. The critical question of operating in a fully globalised industry is also addressed.


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