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Revolution in Iran

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  2. Parviz Daneshvar
    Pages 1-9
  3. Parviz Daneshvar
    Pages 56-93
  4. Parviz Daneshvar
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  5. Parviz Daneshvar
    Pages 128-174
  6. Parviz Daneshvar
    Pages 175-201
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 202-228

About this book


Revolutions are watershed events that attempt to transform the existing political order and replace it with a new but better one. Yet the hallmark of most revolutions has been violence, war and dictatorship. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 has been no exception. This book offers a critical analysis of the Iranian Revolution. It focuses on the upheavals that led to the fall of the Shah. It provides the reader with an appreciation for the interplay of forces in the making of the 1979 revolution and the emergence of the Islamic regime.


development dictatorship Iran revolution violence war

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