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    Pages 77-91
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    Pages 121-136
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    Pages 137-152
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    Pages 153-162
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    Pages 165-222

About this book


Relocation is a fact of business life today. For many good business reasons organisations move to new areas and ask their employees to relocate with them. Also during staff training and the handling of subsidiary operations companies may require individuals to work in another part of the country, or even abroad. Managing Relocation, the first complete account of employee relocation, provides a practical approach to the questions and problems that arise during any relocation exercise. What financial and other assistance should organisations offer their employees? How can the pitfalls of employment law be avoided? Is special action required when staff are asked to work overseas? What are the tax consequences of relocation in the UK and abroad? Here is a book for all organisations which relocate staff regularly and for newcomers to the subject. Susan Shortland has written an invaluable guide for all those involved in moving people - from personnel and industrial relations managers to professional specialists in relocation and removals.


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