Migrants’ Political Participation in Exclusionary Contexts: From Subcultures to Radicalization

  • Katia Pilati

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About this book


This insightful book analyzes the political engagement and marginalization of three of Milan's migrant groups, Filipinos, Egyptians and Ecuadorians. Bringing together data relating to the civic and political engagement of individual migrants, and of migrant organizational networks, the result is an examination of the consequences of the political exclusion of migrants, exploring the different ways in which they cope with this predicament. Such exclusion, the author argues, has three major impacts. It can transform migrant groups into political subcultures and engender externally-driven participation, but it can also lead to radicalization.


Political exclusion immigration closed political context organizational engagement migrant organizational networks Filipinos Ecuadorians Egyptians Milan Italy political subcultures externally-driven participation radicalization migration organization participation

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