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The United Nations

History and Core Ideas

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About this book


Before the UN could be created the idea of a global body dedicated to the preservation of peace had first to be imagined. The book traces the evolution of a complex web of ideas that emerged from the ancient world concerning the need for a governing body to control the actions of sovereign nations.


conflict evolution human rights Nation Peace prevention sovereignty United Nations

About the authors

Laurence Peters currently directs the United Nations Association's only graduate seminar on the United Nations in Washington DC where he also teaches Politics of Education at Johns Hopkins University School of Education. After studying for a doctorate at the University of Michigan, Peters gained a law degree and became a counsel to a congressional education subcommittee. As a Senior Policy Advisor to the US Department of Education he took a special interest in education technology and has authored several books on global education including, From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity (with Kuttan) (2003), Scaling Up Success (with Dede and Honan) (2005), and Global Education: Using Technology to Bring the World to Your Students (2009). He currently serves as an advisor to Partners for Transparency and is married with three children.

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