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Empathetic Marketing

How to Satisfy the 6 Core Emotional Needs of Your Customers

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About this book


With a revised understanding of the science and philosophy behind human needs, businesses will be better equipped to provide long-term satisfaction for their customers. Mark uncovers a framework that will help businesses identify human needs and incorporate this perspective into strategy, and then focuses each chapter on a specific emotional need.


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About the authors

MARK INGWER Founder and managing partner of an international market research firm, Insight Consulting Group. His consulting work has been featured in Business Week, New York Times, Crain's, Brandweek, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Admap, Bloomberg Markets, Product Management Today, Marketing News, and Advertising Age. He is a former Adjunct Professor at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, USA.

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"Empathetic Marketing provides an updated, easy to understand model of human needs that will help readers to make sense of seemingly enigmatic consumer decisions. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or run a Fortune 500 company, Empathetic Marketing will provide untold value and wisdom for you and your customers." - From the foreword by Chip Conley, founder & CEO of Joie de Vivre Boutique Hotel, best-selling author of Peak and Emotional Equations

"Successful marketers and brand strategists recognize that engaging consumers emotionally is key to building successful brands, but few possess the understanding necessary to actually do so. Dr. Ingwer breaks down the complexity of human emotion to provide us with a breakthrough understanding of consumers' core needs and a clear path for translating these emotional insights into successful brand strategy. Essential reading for brand builders in any industry." - Tony Foglio, chairman, Anchor Brewing, former CEO, Skyy Spirits

"Empathetic Marketing is the ideal prescription for forming a meaningful and lasting brand relationship - at a time when empathy is just what the doctor ordered." - Kurt Kostur, senior vice president of marketing, HSN

"The importance of understanding and connecting with customers emotionally is a frequent theme in the marketing world today, yet the underlying psychological needs that drive consumers' emotions and behaviors are rarely understood and utilized fully. In Empathetic Marketing, Dr. Ingwer provides an innovative and powerful approach to understanding these core psychological needs and engaging your customers on a deeper emotional level." - Jami Guthrie, vice president of global consumerand market insights and integrated marketing, Wrigley

"Marketers have long known that creating an emotional relationship with consumers is the true magic behind building powerful brands, but it's always seemed to be more of an amorphous art than a science. Finally, Empathic Marketing connects the dots and lays out a blueprint for the science behind the art." - Ash Eldifrawi,chief marketing officer, Gogo

"Empathetic Marketing will revolutionize your understanding of your customers and their core emotional needs. With the fine-tuned perceptiveness of a psychologist-psychotherapist, and the savvy of a marketing consultant, Ingwer gets to the heart of how emotion can make or break a business." - Stephen Hersh,senior vice president& planning director, Leo Burnett

"An engaging and insightful book that presents the concept of 'emotional needs' as a key ingredient for brand success. Empathetic Marketing takes the mystery out of a complex concept and provides a crucial roadmap to understanding and satisfying customers' emotional needs. Take the challenge . . . those who read and incorporate the concepts in this book will gain a definite edge over the competition and prosper greatly from the outcome." - Marvin Goldsmith, former president of Campbell Mithun Advertising

"In the voice of marketing, everyone clamors to speak but woefully few really listen. Empathetic Marketing is the new brand imperative and Mark Ingwer among its finest practitioners. With the acumen of a clinician and the skill of a strategist, Ingwer reveals the real story behind the story, the hidden feelings and motivations that most miss." - Doug Van Praet, executive vice president, Deutsch LA