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Inside the Multi-Generational Family Business

Nine Symptoms of Generational Stack-Up and How to Cure Them

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About this book


Inside the Multi-Generational Family is an inside look at how familial relationships affect the success or the failure of the family business. Many family business owners encounter conflict between siblings, children, and other relatives especially when they're all involved with the business.


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About the authors

MARK T. GREEN Senior Associate of The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc., the former Director of the Austin Family Business Program, and was founding Director of the Austin Entrepreneurship Program, College of Business at Oregon State University, USA.

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"Families have no successions only transitions. Mark Green explains why so many of those generational transitions fail because an older generation of a family blocks the natural development of later family generation members; often he explains because of fundamentally different world views. He then artfully and with great experience explains how to diagnose a generational blockage and how, with sensitivity and tact, to dissolve it proactively toward a successful family evolution." - James [Jay] E. Hughes, Jr, author of Family Wealth and Family: The Compact Among Generations

"If our 73 year old, third generation family business survives, it will in good measure be due to the sound advice from Inside the Multigenerational Family Business. It shows us the big picture and in turn helps to improve communication within the family. I highly recommend Mark Green and his recent book." - John Bradshaw, Portland Transmission Warehouse, Portland, Oregon "Mark Green does a superb job of bringing the generational stack-up to life by pointing to the root causes underlying the inter-generational conflicts and frustrations in family enterprises. Family business research and practice has traditionally looked at the transfer from one generation to another but Inside the Multigenerational Family Business captures today's realities of the multi-generational enterprises where up to five generations are occupying the workplace. This is a must read book for all progressive individuals who care to reap the opportunities of generational stack-up while effectively negotiating the related confusion and frustrations." - Pramodita Sharma, CIBC Distinguished Professor of Family Business, Concordia University, Montreal; and Editor, Family Business Review

"Mark Green helped set us on a successful path for a generational and leadership transition. Let him help you arrive at a stronger place for your business and your family." - Emily Powell, President, Powell's Bookstore, Inc./