Side Effects of Medical Cancer Therapy

Prevention and Treatment

  • Mario A. Dicato

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About this book


The options available for systemic treatment in cancer are ever-expanding and so too is the information required to deploy these methods well. Each therapeutic substance causes a range of side effects, which can be prevented or treated to minimise harm to the patient.


Side Effects of Medical Cancer Therapy: Prevention and Treatment is a comprehensive handbook on the side effects of cancer therapy drugs, including the newer targeted drugs.  Organised by organ system, it lists the toxicity, side effects and measures of prevention pertaining to each type of drug used in cancer therapy. The most dangerous side effects are given priority so as to alert the reader to their importance.


This book, designed for quick reference in the clinical setting, is primarily aimed at established medical oncologists but will also appeal to junior doctors and trainees. It will also be of interest to pharmacists and oncology nurses.


cancer chemotherapy side-effects systemic toxicology

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  • Mario A. Dicato
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  1. 1., Department of Hematology-OncologyCentre Hospitalier de LuxembourgLuxembourgLuxembourg

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