Generalized Functions

Theory and Applications

  • Ram P. Kanwal

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About this book


This third edition of "Generalized Functions" expands the treatment of fundamental concepts and theoretical background material and delineates connections to a variety of applications in mathematical physics, elasticity, wave propagation, magnetohydrodynamics, linear systems, probability and statistics, optimal control problems in economics, and more. In applying the powerful tools of generalized functions to better serve the needs of physicists, engineers, and applied mathematicians, this work is quite distinct from other books on the subject.

Key new topics and important features:

* Examination of the Poisson Summation Formula and the concepts of differential forms and the delta distribution on wave fronts

* Enhanced presentation of the Schroedinger, Klein–Gordon, Helmholtz, heat and wave equations

* Exposition driven by additional examples and exercises

* Comprehensive bibliography and index

* Prerequisites: advanced calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations


From the Reviewers:

"Kanwal’s book is a worthy member of this company [Gelfand and Shilov, Semanian, Friedman, Jones, and Barros-Neto]. Its strength lies in the application to classical physics….[it presents] a wealth of applications that cannot be found in any other single source…Kanwal has written a valuable book accessible to first-year graduate students in physics and engineering."

--Ivar Stakgold, Mathematics, University of Delaware

"The advantage of this text is in carefully gathered examples explaining how to use corresponding properties…. Even the standard material connecting with partial and ordinary differential equations is rewritten in modern terminology."



Boundary value problem Dirac delta function Fourier transform Integral equation Transformation convolution mathematical physics operator wave equation

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