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Current Issues in Computational Linguistics: In Honour of Don Walker

  • Editors
  • Antonio Zampolli
  • Nicoletta Calzolari
  • Martha Palmer

Part of the Linguistica Computazionale book series (LICO, volume 9)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXV
  2. The Task of Natural Language Processing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Karen Sparck Jones
      Pages 3-16
    3. Jane Robinson
      Pages 17-19
    4. Gary G. Hendrix, Earl D. Sacerdoti, Daniel Sagalowicz, Jonathan Slocum
      Pages 59-107
    5. K. Kukich, K. McKeown, J. Shaw, J. Robin, J. Lim, N. Morgan et al.
      Pages 109-115
  3. Building Computational Lexicons

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 117-117
    2. Eva Hajičová, Alexandr Rosen
      Pages 191-199
    3. Sumali Pin-Ngern Conlon, Joanne Dardaine, Agnes D’Souza, Martha Evens, Sherwood Haynes, Jong-Sun Kim et al.
      Pages 201-225
    4. Beryl T. Atkins, Judy Kegl, Beth Levin
      Pages 237-266
    5. Nicoletta Calzolari
      Pages 267-281
    6. Nancy Ide, Jacques Le Maitre, Jean Véronis
      Pages 283-320
    7. Lori Levin, Sergei Nirenburg
      Pages 321-338

About this book


With this volume in honour of Don Walker, Linguistica Computazionale con­ tinues the series of special issues dedicated to outstanding personalities who have made a significant contribution to the progress of our discipline and maintained a special collaborative relationship with our Institute in Pisa. I take the liberty of quoting in this preface some of the initiatives Pisa and Don Walker have jointly promoted and developed during our collaboration, because I think that they might serve to illustrate some outstanding features of Don's personality, in particular his capacity for identifying areas of potential convergence among the different scientific communities within our field and establishing concrete forms of coop­ eration. These initiatives also testify to his continuous and untiring work, dedi­ cated to putting people into contact and opening up communication between them, collecting and disseminating information, knowledge and resources, and creating shareable basic infrastructures needed for progress in our field. Our collaboration began within the Linguistics in Documentation group of the FID and continued in the framework of the !CCL (International Committee for Computational Linguistics). In 1982 this collaboration was strengthened when, at CO LING in Prague, I was invited by Don to join him in the organization of a series of workshops with participants of the various communities interested in the study, development, and use of computational lexica.


Parsing Syntax Text Verb communication computational linguistics corpus heuristics intelligence knowledge base language linguistics machine translation natural language semantics

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