The Management of Mass Burn Casualties and Fire Disasters

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Burns and Fire Disasters

  • M. Masellis
  • S.W.A. Gunn

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Overview The First International Conference on Burns and Fire Disasters

  3. Disaster

  4. Fire Disasters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Takashi Ukai, Muneo Ohta, Choei Wakasugi, Shigeru Hishida
      Pages 37-44
    3. C. Corrao
      Pages 60-63
    4. M. Brusco
      Pages 89-92
    5. G. Garri
      Pages 93-105
    6. J. Joannovich, P. Panayotou, D. Tsoutsos, E. Filopoulos, A. Yannopoulos, D. Alexakis et al.
      Pages 106-109
    7. B. Trovato
      Pages 110-112
    8. J. M. Servais
      Pages 113-115
    9. Ritsuro Sakurai, Seiichi Takahashi, Takashi Ukai
      Pages 116-117
  5. Preparedness for Primary Burn Emergencies

  6. Fire Disaster Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 173-173
    2. Eric E. Alley
      Pages 175-176
    3. H. Julien, C. Fuilla, P. Fontaine, F. Richter
      Pages 177-179
    4. E. Brienza, L. M. Madami, F. Catalano, M. Del Zotti
      Pages 195-197
    5. R. Vitale, N. D’arpa, F. Conte, P. Cucchiara, C. Guzzetta, M. Masellis
      Pages 198-221
    6. B. Mazzarella, E. Scanni, P. Carideo, A. Maresca, G. Vivona, A. Sorrentino
      Pages 224-226
    7. F. Richter, C. Fuilla, A. Michel, H. Julien
      Pages 227-230
    8. L. Di Salvo, R. Vitale, M. Masellis
      Pages 231-238
    9. E. Caruso, P. Crabai, L. Donati, M. Klinger, S. Garbin, R. Zaza
      Pages 239-242
    10. F. X. Santos Heredero
      Pages 243-245
    11. D. Colombo, F. Foti, M. Volontè, G. Micucci
      Pages 249-250
    12. M. Landriscina, L. Bile, C. Bollini, M. F. Magatti
      Pages 251-252

About this book


Thermal harm is one of the most traumatizing assaults on man and his environment. Whether suffered by living beings as burn injury, or sustained by societal structures as fire damage, the resulting physical pain and material loss can be extremely distressing both to the person and to society. The health professions and in particular burn specialists have been continually developing effective means of combating burn disease and promoting rehabili­ tation of the victims, especially in mass casualty situations. In parallel, various levels of the community have been mobilizing fire prevention and fire-fighting mechanisms that protect society and the environment from the ever-increasing hazards of fire disasters. It is therefore surprising that, while aiming at the same objective, the two sectors have rarely come together; doctor has rarely worked with fire chief. Yet both disciplines have so much to learn from and contribute to each other's efforts. The Mediterranean Burns Club is a professional organization that brings together persons concerned with burn therapy and fire safety in all forms, especially in the countries of the Mediterranean basin. It is honoured to have been identified by the United Nations as a premier scientific body in its field within the programme of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction. It is therefore natural that it should have initiated an international gathering of specialists engaged in burns as a surgical, clinical problem, and of counterparts dealing with fires as a societal, disaster management problem.


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  • M. Masellis
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  • S.W.A. Gunn
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  1. 1.Division of Plastic Surgery and Burn Centre PalermoItaly
  2. 2.Mediterranean Burns ClubItaly
  3. 3.Emergency Relief OperationsWorld Health OrganizationSwitzerland

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