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Innovation and Technology — Strategies and Policies

  • Olivério D. D. Soares
  • A. Martins da Cruz
  • G. Costa Pereira
  • Isabel M.R.T. Soares
  • Albino J.P.S. Reis

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Environment and ECO-Industries

  3. Technology

  4. Energy

    1. Willem Van Gool
      Pages 93-105
    2. John Ward
      Pages 107-124
    3. Geoffrey Paul Hammond
      Pages 125-140
  5. Training, Education and Research

  6. Health

  7. Economics and Management

About this book


Innovation and Technology - Strategies and Policies contains a selection of outstanding contributions by world experts on how a culture of innovation is able to produce a response to fast global changes affecting society.
The book describes major evolutionary directions and foreseen trends in: environment versus industry; technology breakthroughs; energy planning; education and research; intangible investment requirements; new health technologies; and economics and management of innovative actions at strategic, organisational and technological levels.
The actual percolation of the innovative process throughout the multiple facets of society is presented in relation to the main challenges facing us in the 21st Century. The book is addressed to all those concerned with innovation in dynamic terms as a creative response to the ongoing changes in society integrating sciences, technologies, humanities, life-long education and training, and other disciplines.


Innovation Investment computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) cooperation economic growth economics education energy policy international trade management organization rating research & development (R&D) technological innovation technology management

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  • Olivério D. D. Soares
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  • A. Martins da Cruz
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  • G. Costa Pereira
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  • Isabel M.R.T. Soares
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  • Albino J.P.S. Reis
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