Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods

A Contextual Approach

  • Pauline Boss
  • William J. Doherty
  • Ralph LaRossa
  • Walter R. Schumm
  • Suzanne K. Steinmetz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Overview

    1. William J. Doherty, Pauline G. Boss, Ralph LaRossa, Walter R. Schumm, Suzanne K. Steinmetz
      Pages 3-30
    2. David M. Klein, Joan A. Jurich
      Pages 31-67
  3. The Emergence of Family Theories and Methods

    1. Bert N. Adams, Suzanne K. Steinmetz
      Pages 71-98
    2. Jay D. Schvaneveldt, Robert S. Pickett, Margaret H. Young
      Pages 99-116
    3. Gary R. Lee, Linda Haas
      Pages 117-131
  4. Family Theories and Methods Emerging during 1918–1929

    1. Ralph LaRossa, Donald C. Reitzes
      Pages 135-166
    2. Paul C. Rosenblatt, Lucy Rose Fischer
      Pages 167-177
  5. Family Theories and Methods Emerging during 1930–1945

    1. Karen S. Wampler, Charles F. Halverson Jr.
      Pages 181-194
    2. Nancy Kingsbury, John Scanzoni
      Pages 195-221
  6. Family Theories and Methods Emerging during 1946–1960

    1. Roy H. Rodgers, James M. White
      Pages 225-257
    2. Elizabeth G. Menaghan, Deborah D. Godwin
      Pages 259-273
    3. George W. Howe, David Reiss
      Pages 303-321
  7. Family Theories and Methods Emerging during 1960–1980

    1. Gail G. Whitchurch, Larry L. Constantine
      Pages 325-355
    2. Keith Farrington, Ely Chertok
      Pages 357-384
    3. Ronald M. Sabatelli, Constance L. Shehan
      Pages 385-417
    4. Margaret M. Bubolz, M. Suzanne Sontag
      Pages 419-450
    5. Alan C. Acock, Walter R. Schumm
      Pages 451-468
    6. Vern L. Bengtson, Katherine R. Allen
      Pages 469-504
    7. William J. Doherty, David A. Baptiste Jr.
      Pages 505-529
    8. Margaret Crosbie-Burnett, Edith A. Lewis
      Pages 531-561
  8. Family Theories and Methods Emerging during the 1980s

    1. Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, L. David Ritchie
      Pages 565-589
    2. Marie Withers Osmond, Barrie Thorne
      Pages 591-625
    3. Peggye Dilworth-Anderson, Linda M. Burton, Leanor Boulin Johnson
      Pages 627-649
    4. Jaber F. Gubrium, James A. Holstein
      Pages 651-675
    5. Kay Michael Troost, Erik Filsinger
      Pages 677-713
    6. Jay D. Teachman, Alan Neustadtl
      Pages 715-727
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 729-748

About this book


Now in softcover, the Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods distills nearly a century of theories and therapies into one comprehensive volume. This unique sociohistorical account of family studies traces the development of various theories and methods within the sociopolitical context of the twentieth century, giving readers a practical balance of scientific and real-world perspective.

Contributors review each theory and method in terms of its origins, core assumptions, applications, and links to previous and successive theories and methods. Specific chapters provide in-depth applications with couples, families, step and blended families, minorities, families with histories of violence, and families facing chronic illness, as well as potential uses in policy, education, or further research. In this way, readers may find new ideas and possibilities in older or less familiar schools of thought. At the same time, the book offers the foundation for the future of the field.

A sampling of the coverage:

  • Systems theory.
  • Human ecology theory.
  • Life course perspectives.
  • Social-cognitive-behavioral theory.
  • Feminist theory.
  • Theories derived from family therapy.
  • Biosocial theory.
  • Ethnomethodology.

A historical reference that doubles as a contemporary idea book, the Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods belongs in the libraries of family therapists and psychologists, social workers, and sociologists specializing in families. Policy analysts in this critical area should find the Sourcebook significant reading as well.


CBT family development family discourse human ecology interaction life course marriage metatheory social learning

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  • Pauline Boss
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  • William J. Doherty
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  • Ralph LaRossa
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  • Walter R. Schumm
    • 3
  • Suzanne K. Steinmetz
    • 4
  1. 1.Department of Family Social ScienceUniversity of MinnesotaSt. PaulUSA
  2. 2.Department of SociologyGeorgia State UniversityAtlantaUSA
  3. 3.School of Family Studies and Human ServicesKansas State UniversityManhattanUSA
  4. 4.Department of SociologyIndiana UniversityIndianapolisUSA

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