Sobolev Spaces in Mathematics III

Applications in Mathematical Physics

  • Victor Isakov

Part of the International Mathematical Series book series (IMAT, volume 10)

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The mathematical works of S.L.Sobolev were strongly motivated by particular problems coming from applications. In his celebrated book Applications of Functional Analysis in Mathematical Physics, 1950 and other works, S.Sobolev introduced general methods that turned out to be very influential in the study of mathematical physics in the second half of the XXth century. This volume, dedicated to the centenary of S.L. Sobolev, presents the latest results on some important problems of mathematical physics describing, in particular, phenomena of superconductivity with random fluctuations, wave propagation, perforated domains and bodies with defects of different types, spectral asymptotics for Dirac energy, Lam\'e system with residual stress, optimal control problems for partial differential equations and inverse problems admitting numerous interpretations. Methods of modern functional analysis are essentially used in the investigation of these problems.

Contributors include: Mikhail Belishev (Russia); Andrei Fursikov (Russia), Max Gunzburger (USA), and Janet Peterson (USA); Victor Isakov (USA) and Nanhee Kim (USA); Victor Ivrii (Canada); Irena Lasiecka (USA) and Roberto Triggiani (USA); Vladimir Maz'ya (USA-UK-Sweden) and Alexander Movchan (UK); Michael Taylor (USA)


Ginzburg-Landau model Sobolev space asymptotic approximation calculus functional analysis inverse problems optimal control partial differential equation wave propagation

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