Clusters of Galaxies

Beyond the Thermal View

  • Jelle Kaastra

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-6
  2. J. S. Kaastra, A. M. Bykov, S. Schindler, J. A. M. Bleeker, S. Borgani, A. Diaferio et al.
    Pages 1-6
  3. A. Diaferio, S. Schindler, K. Dolag
    Pages 7-24
  4. P. Richter, F. B. S. Paerels, J. S. Kaastra
    Pages 25-49
  5. F. Durret, J. S. Kaastra, J. Nevalainen, T. Ohashi, N. Werner
    Pages 51-70
  6. Y. Rephaeli, J. Nevalainen, T. Ohashi, A. M. Bykov
    Pages 71-92
  7. C. Ferrari, F. Govoni, S. Schindler, A. M. Bykov, Y. Rephaeli
    Pages 93-118
  8. A. M. Bykov, K. Dolag, F. Durret
    Pages 119-140
  9. A. M. Bykov, F. B. S. Paerels, V. Petrosian
    Pages 141-153
  10. J. S. Kaastra, F. B. S. Paerels, F. Durret, S. Schindler, P. Richter
    Pages 155-190
  11. Vahé Petrosian, Andrei Bykov, Yoel Rephaeli
    Pages 191-206
  12. V. Petrosian, A. M. Bykov
    Pages 207-227
  13. K. Dolag, S. Borgani, S. Schindler, A. Diaferio, A. M. Bykov
    Pages 229-268
  14. S. Borgani, A. Diaferio, K. Dolag, S. Schindler
    Pages 269-293
  15. Serena Bertone, Joop Schaye, Klaus Dolag
    Pages 295-310
  16. K. Dolag, A. M. Bykov, A. Diaferio
    Pages 311-335
  17. N. Werner, F. Durret, T. Ohashi, S. Schindler, R. P. C. Wiersma
    Pages 337-362
  18. S. Schindler, A. Diaferio
    Pages 363-377
  19. S. Borgani, D. Fabjan, L. Tornatore, S. Schindler, K. Dolag, A. Diaferio
    Pages 379-403
  20. Frits Paerels, Jelle Kaastra, Takaya Ohashi, Philipp Richter, Andrei Bykov, Jukka Nevalainen
    Pages 405-418

About this book


Clusters of galaxies are the largest structures in the Universe. Most of the visible matter is in the form of hot gas permeating the volume of the cluster. The bulk of this gas is in thermal equilibrium in the dark matter-dominated potential. This book discusses all aspects of cluster physics beyond this thermal view. It covers topics such as the warm-hot intergalactic medium outside the clusters, non-thermal radiation components, shocks, equilibration processes and the chemical evolution of these structures. The topics are covered from an observational, theoretical and numerical point of view.

This volume provides a useful reference for astronomers and graduate students, in particular for those who are working in high-energy astrophysics and extra-galactic astronomy.


Galaxy chemical evolution clusters of galaxies non-thermal processes warm hot intergalactic medium whim x-ray radiation x-rays

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  • Jelle Kaastra
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  1. 1.Space Research Organisation Netherlands (SRON)UtrechtThe Netherlands

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