Mathematics and Politics

Strategy, Voting, Power and Proof

  • Alan D. Taylor
  • Allison M. Pacelli

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About this book


Mathematics and Politics requires no prerequisites in either subject. The underlying philosophy involves minimizing algebraic computations while focusing on the conceptual aspects of mathematics in the context of real-world questions in political science. This new addition has an added co-author, Allison Pacelli, and covers six major topics: social choice, yes-no voting systems, political power, game-theoretic models of international conflict, fairness, and escalation. In addition to having two new chapters (treating apportionment and conflict resolution), the text has been extensively reorganized and the number of exercises increased to over 300.


"Taylor has done a remarkable job of showing the power of deductive reasoning in … the strategic choices actors make in conflict situations … a penetrating analysis of both real-life and hypothetical situations."

-- Steven Brams, New York University

Alan Taylor’s book is carefully crafted. He is ever aware of his audience, but relentlessly presses the beginning student to understand more and more."

-- Samuel Merrill III, American Mathematical Monthly

This book is a unique and valuable source … Coverage is thorough and extensive; ideas are explained clearly and at an appropriate mathematical level."

-- Ed Packel, Lake Forest College

"… Mathematics and Politics is a nearly perfect solution, either for classes or for the serious professional who wants to retool. … The writing is crisp, and the sense of excitement about learning mathematics is seductive."

-- Michael Munger, Chance

" I like this book. It’s nice mathematics with serious applications."

-- John Ewing, Indiana University

"Now we have, in Alan Taylor’s book, an introduction to these ideas that is delightfully lucid and requires almost no mathematical prerequisites."

-- Phillip D. Straffin, College Mathematics Journal

"[The book] breaks new ground and could stand as the definitive undergraduate textbook in this area for quite some time."

-- Stan Wagon, Macalester College


Mathematics political power political science politics social choice strategy

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  • Alan D. Taylor
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  • Allison M. Pacelli
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUnion CollegeSchenectady
  2. 2.Department of MathematicsWilliams CollegeWilliamstown

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