Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Luigi V. Mancini
  • Roberto Pietro

Part of the Advances in Information Security book series (ADIS, volume 38)

About this book


In our world of ever-increasing Internet connectivity, there is an on-going threat of intrusion, denial of service attacks, or countless other abuses of computer and network resources. In particular, these threats continue to persist due to the flaws of current commercial intrusion detection systems (IDSs).

Intrusion Detection Systems is an edited volume by world class leaders in this field.
This edited volume sheds new light on defense alert systems against computer and network intrusions. It also covers integrating intrusion alerts within security policy framework for intrusion response, related case studies and much more. This volume is presented in an easy-to-follow style while including a rigorous treatment of the issues, solutions, and technologies tied to the field.

Intrusion Detection Systems is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners within the computer network and information security industry. It is also suitable as a reference or secondary textbook for advanced-level students in computer science.



Bridging Correlation Analysis Denial of Service Detection Fast Automatic Profiling Firewall Information Intrusion Intrusion Detection Learning Behavior Profiles Monitor Security Policies Systems data security security

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  • Luigi V. Mancini
  • Roberto Pietro

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