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IP Networking over Next-Generation Satellite Systems

International Workshop, Budapest, July 2007

  • Linghang Fan
  • Haitham Cruickshank
  • Zhili Sun
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. C. Baudoin, L. Fan, E. Callejo, A. Pietrabissa, F. Rodriguez, A. Ramos et al.
    Pages 1-13
  3. Miriam Catalán de Domingo, Isaac Moreno Asenjo, Ana Yun García, Fernando Vallejo Lázaro, José Antonio Guerra Expósito
    Pages 15-29
  4. E. Callejo, A. Yun, C. Baudoin, F. Rodriguez, J. A. Guerra
    Pages 31-47
  5. Myunghee Han, Namkyung Lee, Kiseop Han, Dongjun Lee
    Pages 49-57
  6. I. Melhus, F. Arnal, T. Gayraud, B. Jacquemin
    Pages 59-75
  7. A. Pietrabissa, C. Baudoin
    Pages 91-101
  8. L. Fan, C. Baudoin, F. Rodriguez, A. Ramos, J. A. Guerra, B. de La Cuesta et al.
    Pages 103-125
  9. F. Rodriguez, I. Melhus, L. Fan, A. Pietrabissa, C. Baudoin, Z. Sun
    Pages 127-141
  10. Evangelos Pallis, George Mastorakis, Athina Burdena, Ahmed Mehaoua, Yassine Hadjadj Aoul
    Pages 151-156
  11. I. Moreno, A. Yun, E. Callejo, F. Vallejo, J. A. Torrijos, R. Giménez et al.
    Pages 157-176
  12. A. Ramos, B. de La Cuesta, B. Carro, J. Aguiar, D. Pérez, C. Baudoin et al.
    Pages 177-189
  13. Àngels Via Estrem, Axel Jahn
    Pages 217-231
  14. A. Yun, D. Elkouss, E. Callejo, L. Liang, L. Fan, Z. Sun
    Pages 233-250
  15. C. Baudoin, M. Dervin, P. Berthou, T. Gayraud, F. Nivor, B. Jacquemin et al.
    Pages 251-269
  16. A. Ramos, D. Pérez, R. Muñoz, F. Vallejo, B. de La Cuesta, J. Aguiar et al.
    Pages 271-285
  17. S. Iyengar, H. Cruickshank, L. Duquerroy, Z. Sun, C. Baudoin
    Pages 287-308

About these proceedings


With its broadcasting capabilities and unique coverage, satellite systems have the potential to bridge significant gaps in global connectivity and can play an important role in the shaping of the next-generation Internet. This book highlights the very latest research output of several EU satellite-related projects and addresses many unresolved issues in next-generation satellite systems, such as efficient deployment of IPv6 over satellites, working with WLAN and WiMax, QoS provisioning over multi-segment networks (including satellite networks), multicast networks and security.


Broadband DVB-RCS IPv6 Internet Protocol (IP) Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Multicast QoS SATLIFE SATSIX SIP Signalling WiMAX Wireless LAN broadcast technologies currenttm multimedia

Editors and affiliations

  • Linghang Fan
    • 1
  • Haitham Cruickshank
    • 1
  • Zhili Sun
    • 1
  1. 1.Centre for Communication Systems ResearchUniversity of SurreyGuildfordUK

About the editors

Dr. Linghang Fan is a research fellow of the Centre for Communication Systems Research in the University of Surrey, UK. He received his B. Eng. in Automatic Control from Southeast University, China, and his M. S. and Ph. D. in Telecommunications from the University of Bradford, UK. From 1998 to 2000, he was a researcher at the University of Bradford and worked on EU projects SINUS and SUMO. In 2003, he joined the University of Surrey and worked on EU projects STRIKE, Ambient Networks, MAESTRO and SATNEX. Currently, he is working on the EU projects SATSIX and ECGIN. He has published more than forty papers in international journals and conferences. His research interests include mobile/wireless communications, mobile Internet, and communication networking.

Dr. Haitham Cruickshank is a lecturer at the University of Surrey. He has worked there since January of 1996 on several European research projects in the ACTS, ESPRIT, TEN-TELECOM, and IST programs. His main research interests are network security, satellite network architectures, VoIP, and IP conferencing over satellites. He also teaches Data and Internet Networking and Satellite Communication courses at the University of Surrey. He is a member of the Satellite and Space Communications Committee of the IEEE ComSoc and a chartered engineer and corporate member of the IEEE in UK. He is an active member of the IETF and ETSI BSM working group in the security area.

Professor Zhili Sun is the Chair of Communication Networking in the Centre for Communication Systems Research, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Surrey, UK. He received his B. S. in Mathematics from Nanjing University in China and Ph. D. in Computing Science from Lancaster University, UK. He was a Postdoctoral Researcher, from 1989 to 1993, in the Telecommunications Group, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London before coming to Surrey. He has been a principal investigator and technical coordinator in many European projects including the ESPRIT BISANTE, VIP-TEN, GEOCAST, ICEBERGS, SatLife, SATSIX, and Euro-NGI projects. He has also been a principal investigator in UK EPSRC, the European Space Agency (ESA) and industrial projects on IP multicast security. He has supervised many Ph. D. and research fellows. He published a book entitled Satellite Networking: Principles and Protocols (Wiley, 2005) and over 120 papers in International journals and conferences. He has also been a member of technical committees for international conferences and a member of reviewers for EU and UK research proposals.

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