Strategies in Regenerative Medicine

Integrating Biology with Materials Design

  • Matteo Santin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-15
  2. Stephen F. Badylak, Alan J. Russell, Matteo Santin
    Pages 1-13
  3. Maurizio Ventre, Paolo A. Netti, Francesco Urciuolo, Luigi Ambrosio
    Pages 1-40
  4. Elisabeth Engel, Oscar Castaño, Emiliano Salvagni, Maria Pau Ginebra, Josep A. Planell
    Pages 1-42
  5. Jacob F. Pollock, Kevin E. Healy
    Pages 1-58
  6. S. E. James, S. Booth, P. Gilbert, I. Jones, R. Shevchenko
    Pages 1-33
  7. Rakesh K. Jain, Dai Fukumura
    Pages 1-41
  8. Dörthe Schmidt, Simon P. Hoerstrup
    Pages 1-30
  9. Wendy M. MacFarlane, Adrian J. Bone, Moira Harrison
    Pages 1-21
  10. Andreas K. Nussler, Natascha C. Nussler, Vera Merk, Marc Brulport, Wiebke Schormann, Ping Yao et al.
    Pages 1-38
  11. Rudolf K. Potucek, Stephen W.P. Kemp, Naweed I. Syed, Rajiv Midha
    Pages 1-20
  12. Xibin Wang, Lars Rackwitz, Ulrich Nöth, Rocky S. Tuan
    Pages 1-27
  13. Silvia Scaglione, Rodolfo Quarto
    Pages 1-18
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 1-12

About this book


This authoritative book offers a detailed overview of present and future tissue engineering approaches and their contribution to regenerative medicine. It combines comprehensive reviews of the biology and materials science underlying the development and regeneration of different types of tissues with descriptions of current and future strategies in regenerative medicine to meet clinical needs. Each chapter includes typical examples of methodologies and technical solutions as the basis for the most recent scientific findings and biomedical products, tables as mini-databases summarizing the most recent findings, and links to specific websites in the main body of the text to complement a traditional reference list. Strategies in Regenerative Medicine: Integrating Biology with Materials Design covers topics from basic biology and materials science to the link between biological processes in tissue regeneration and biomedical device/tissue engineering product performance.


Stent Tissue Engineering angiogenesis biomaterial biomedical device blood vessel bone cartilage cement databases physiology regenerative medicine tissue tissue regeneration

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