Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation

  • Thomas E. Lane
  • Monica Carson
  • Conni Bergmann
  • Tony Wyss-Coray

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Shweta S. Puntambekar, Jonathan M. Doose, Monica J. Carson
    Pages 1-12
  3. Martin Krüger, Ingo Bechmann
    Pages 33-43
  4. Dimitrios Davalos, Katerina Akassoglou
    Pages 45-57
  5. Malú G. Tansey, Tony Wyss-Coray
    Pages 59-106
  6. Pamela A. Carpentier, D'Anne S. Duncan, Stephen D. Miller
    Pages 131-152
  7. Andrea J. Tenner, Karntipa Pisalyaput
    Pages 153-174
  8. Michaela Fux, Jason Millward, Trevor Owens
    Pages 175-201
  9. Marcus Müller, Iain L. Campbell
    Pages 203-219
  10. Maya N. Hatch, Hans S. Keirstead
    Pages 221-233
  11. Michelle J. Hickey, Linda N. Stiles, Chris S. Schaumburg
    Pages 235-261
  12. Samantha L. Bailey, Stephen D. Miller
    Pages 263-275
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 307-313

About this book


This volume serves as a succinct and well-organized reference volume focused on inflammatory CNS disease to a wide audience. The text is comprised of four sections revolving around current areas of interest in the fields of neuroimmunology, virology, pharmacology and disease. Sections of this text focus on a specific category of diseases as well as the pharmacological, virological, and immunological effects of and on the disease.

Although many have covered this topic, few have provided a volume as concise and efficient. Each disease is broken down on a variety of scientific levels without getting into the history of the disease. This approach provides a succinct overview of a specific subject encompassing interrelated topics pertaining to neurology, immunology and disease. The information provided in Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation will be useful for researchers, clinicians, as well as a valuable resource for students interested in the fascinating arena of neuroinflammation.


Antigen Chemokine Nervous System biochemistry microbiology neurology neurotoxicity protein virology

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