Advances in Information Processing and Protection

  • Jerzy Pejaś
  • Khalid Saeed
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Artificial Intelligence

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Toru Yamaguchi, Eri Sato
      Pages 3-12
    3. Tindara Addabbo, Gisella Facchinetti, Giovanni Mastroleo, Giovanni Solinas
      Pages 13-23
    4. Marcin Pluciński, Marcin Korzeń
      Pages 25-34
    5. Krzysztof Trojanowski, Sławomir T. Wierzchoń
      Pages 35-44
    6. Dariusz Czerski, Krzysztof Ciesielski, Michał Dramiński, Mieczysław A. Kłopotek, Sławomir T. Wierzchoń
      Pages 55-66
    7. Yoshiharu Yoshida, Toru Yamaguchi, Eri Sato, Toshihiro Shibano
      Pages 129-138
    8. Anna Witkowska, Roman Smierzchalski
      Pages 159-168
    9. Anna Bartkowiak, Niki Evelpidou, Andreas Vasilopoulos
      Pages 169-178
  3. Computer Security and Safety

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 179-179
    2. Krzysztof Bucholc, Ewa Idzikowska
      Pages 181-190
    3. Wńodzimierz Bielecki, Dariusz Burak
      Pages 191-204
    4. Anna Grocholewska Czurylo
      Pages 215-224
    5. Piotr Kotlarz, Zbigniew Kotulski
      Pages 241-250
    6. Krzysztof Chmiel
      Pages 251-261
    7. Yuji Kinoshita, Koichi Kashiwagi, Yoshinobu Higami, Shin-Ya Kobayashi
      Pages 263-269
    8. Wojciech Mazurczyk, Zbigniew Kotulski
      Pages 271-280
    9. Adrian Skrobek, Paweł Sukiennik
      Pages 281-290
  4. Image Analysis, Graphics and Biometrics

  5. Computer Simulation and Data Analysis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 381-381
    2. Koichi Kashiwagi, Yoshinobu Higami, Shin-Ya Kobayashi
      Pages 383-390
    3. Michihiko Kudo, Koichi Kashiwagi, Yoshinobu Higami, Shin-Ya Kobayashi
      Pages 391-398
    4. Orest Popov, Tatiana Tretyakova, Anna Barcz, Piotr Piela
      Pages 399-408
    5. Włodzimierz Bielecki, Maciej Poliwoda
      Pages 431-445
    6. Stanislaw Bylka, Ryszarda Rempala
      Pages 447-457
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 459-459

About these proceedings


This book contains a selection of the best papers given at the international Advanced Computer Systems Conference in October 2006 in Miedzyzdroje, Poland.  Combining research areas from both Computer Science and Industrial Management, the book is partitioned into four topical areas:

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Security and Safety

Image Analysis, Graphics and Biometrics

Computer Simulation and Data Analysis

The Artificial Intelligence section considers results of the science and engineering of making intelligent algorithms and computer programs.  This section includes papers on Humatronics, Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, Cell, Genetic and Probabilistic Algorithms, Incomplete Data and Similarity Relations, and Fast Neural Networks.

The Computer Security and Safety section covers a wide range of issues, including Error Detection in Block Ciphers, Parallelization of Encryption Algorithms, Visual Cryptography Methods, Neural Network for Building Programmable Block Ciphers, Security and Safety in Distributed Computing Environments, and Chaotic Product Cipher.

The Image Analysis, Graphics and Biometrics section deals with difficult tasks studying the extraction of meaningful information from images as well as methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.  Included are chapters dealing with Word Recognition, Signature Identification, Fingerprint Recognition, and Biometric Image Pre-classification.

The Computer Simulation and Data Analysis section concerns computer programs that attempt to simulate an abstract model of a particular system and transform data with the aim of extracting useful information and facilitating conclusions.  It includes papers devoted to Processor Utilization on Multi-Processor Systems, Computer-based Training Systems for Operators of Dynamic Objects, Linked Computer Servers, Loops Parallelization in the .NET Environment to be used for simulation purposes, and related topics.


Automat Boolean function algorithms artificial intelligence cryptography information logic

Editors and affiliations

  • Jerzy Pejaś
    • 1
  • Khalid Saeed
    • 2
  1. 1.Szczecin University of Technology, Faculty of Computer ScienceZolnierska 49Poland
  2. 2.Bialystock Technical University, Faculty of Computer ScienceWiejska 45APoland

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