Immune-Mediated Diseases

From Theory to Therapy

  • Michael R. Shurin
  • Yuri S. Smolkin
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 601)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXI
  2. Immune-Mediated Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Michael R. Shurin, Yuri S. Smolkin
      Pages 1-12
  3. Immunodeficiencies: News and Updates

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 13-13
    2. Irina Kondratenko, Olga Paschenko, Alexandr Polyakov, Andrey Bologov
      Pages 61-67
    3. Vladimir Pak, Anna Budikhina, Mikhail Pashenkov, Boris Pinegin
      Pages 69-74
    4. Elizaveta Galkina, Irina Kondratenko, Andrey Bologov
      Pages 75-81
  4. Allergy and Autoimmunity: Prevention or Treatment?

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 83-83
    2. Jiankun Zhu, Chandra Mohan
      Pages 85-95
    3. Natalija Novak, Wenming Peng, Chunfeng Yu
      Pages 97-104
    4. Fanny Monneaux, Sylviane Muller
      Pages 105-112
    5. Elena Yu. Lyssuk, Anna V. Torgashina, Sergey K. Soloviev, Evgeny L. Nassonov, Svetlana N. Bykovskaia
      Pages 113-119
  5. Tumor Immunity in New Dimensions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 121-121
    2. Natalia Aptsiauri, Teresa Cabrera, Rosa Mendez, Angel Garcia-Lor, Francisco Ruiz-Cabello, Federico Garrido
      Pages 123-131
    3. Amalia Vartanian, Anatoly Yu. Baryshnikov
      Pages 145-153
    4. Alagar Manickam, Muthukumaran Sivanandham, Irina L. Tourkova
      Pages 155-162
    5. Anil Shanker, Thomas Sayers
      Pages 163-171
    6. Maryam Aalamian-Matheis, Gurkamal S. Chatta, Michael R. Shurin, Edith Huland, Hartwig Huland, Galina V. Shurin
      Pages 173-182
  6. Immunomodulators

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 183-183
    2. Joost J. Oppenheim, Poonam Tewary, Gonzalo de la Rosa, De Yang
      Pages 185-194
    3. Miroslava Potapenko, Galina V. Shurin, Joel de León
      Pages 195-203
    4. Anna Ilinskaya, Natalia Oliferuk, Valerii Livov, Rakhim M. Khaitov
      Pages 205-210
  7. New Insights in Immune Regulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. Srinivas Nagaraj, Dmitry I. Gabrilovich
      Pages 213-223
    3. Anna Valujskikh
      Pages 247-256
    4. Alexandra L. Sevko, Nadzeya Barysik, Lori Perez, Michael R. Shurin, Valentin Gerein
      Pages 257-264
    5. Elena Voronov, Yaron Carmi, Ron N. Apte
      Pages 265-270
  8. News in Immunodiagnostics and Immunomonitoring

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 271-271
    2. Anatoli Malyguine, Susan Strobl, Liubov Zaritskaya, Michael Baseler, Kimberly Shafer-Weaver
      Pages 273-284
    3. Victor V. Novikov, Natalya I. Egorova, Georgii Yu. Kurnikov, Irina V. Evsegneeva, Anatoly Yu. Baryshnikov, Alexandr V. Karaulov
      Pages 285-289
    4. Thomas A. Fleisher
      Pages 291-300
    5. Tatiana Markova, Denis Chuvirov
      Pages 301-306
  9. Immunotherapy and Vaccines

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 311-311
    2. Georgia Fousteri, Damien Bresson, Matthias Von Herrath
      Pages 313-319
    3. Claude Sportès, Ronald E. Gress
      Pages 321-333
    4. Patricia L. Thompson, Sophie Dessureault
      Pages 345-355
    5. Kimberly Shafer-Weaver, Michael Anderson, Anatoli Malyguine, Arthur A. Hurwitz
      Pages 357-368
    6. Leonid V. Kovalchuk, Ludmila V. Gankovskaya, Oksana A. Gankovskaya, Vyacheslav F. Lavrov
      Pages 369-376
    7. Zaira G. Kadagidze, Anna A. Borunova, Tatiana N. Zabotina
      Pages 381-386

About these proceedings


The goal of the International Immune-Mediated Diseases: From Theory to Therapy (IMD) Congress is to bring the best world immunologists and clinicians to Moscow to participate in plenary sessions, symposia and educational workshops designed to expose basic and clinical immunologist as well as practicing clinicians to the newest developments in the field. First IMD Congress consisted of 8 Plenary Sessions, 40 Symposia and 25 Workshops. The meeting attracted almost 2000 participants and speakers from 15 countries. After this great success of the First IMD Congress, the Organizing Committee decided to convene the meeting every other year and the Second International IMD Congress was planned for September 2007. Special attention will be given to innovative therapeutic modalities, allergy and asthma, immunodeficiency, tumor and transplant immunology, immunotherapy and vaccines, HIV and infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, immunomonitoring and immunodiagnostics.

This volume includes contributions from the speakers of the Second IMD Congress (September 10-15, 2007; Moscow, Russia) who are eager to share some of the academic and clinical enthusiasm that defines the IMD meetings.


Antigen Asthma HIV Virus autoimmune disease infections infectious disease

Editors and affiliations

  • Michael R. Shurin
    • 1
  • Yuri S. Smolkin
    • 2
  1. 1.Division of Clinical ImmunopathologyPittsburghUSA
  2. 2.Institute for Continuing Medical Education, Russian Association of Pediatric Allergology and Immunology, Clinical and Research Center of Allergy and ImmunologyMoscowRussia

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