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About this book


In his book, Compendium of Chemical Warfare Agents, author Steven L. Hoenig provides all the necessary information that First Responders, Hospitals, HazMat Teams, Fire and Rescue Services, and other First Responders need to know when dealing with dangerous chemical agents.

Coverage includes health effects, physical characteristics, hazards from reactivity, protection of personnel, and general first aid for each agent. The book provides quick and easy access to critical data on chemical warfare agents, both at the scene of release and in the laboratory.

Today, highly lethal chemicals such as nerve agents, vesicants and other chemical warfare agents may be the new weapons of choice among terrorist groups throughout the world and the latest addition to the "poor man's arsenal of opportunity" - a grave concern for all First Responders and Emergency Management personnel. Compendium of Chemical Warfare Agents furnishes the critical information to deal with this threat.


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  1. 1.Florida Department of HealthBureau of Laboratories-MiamiUSA

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