Handbook of Politics

State and Society in Global Perspective

  • Kevin T. Leicht
  • J. Craig Jenkins

Part of the Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research book series (HSSR)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Introduction: The Study of Politics Enters the Twenty-First Century

    1. Kevin T. Leicht, J. Craig Jenkins
      Pages 1-11
  3. Theory in the Study of Politics

    1. Edwin Amenta, Kelly M. Ramsey
      Pages 15-39
    2. Jeffrey C. Alexander
      Pages 111-126
    3. Jason Beckfield
      Pages 145-159
    4. John Higley
      Pages 161-176
    5. A. Oberschall
      Pages 177-193
  4. Political Change and Transformation

    1. David S. Meyer, Daisy Verduzco Reyes
      Pages 217-233
    2. Edward Crenshaw, Kristopher Robison
      Pages 235-246
    3. Matthew Lange
      Pages 263-277
    4. Valentine M Moghadam
      Pages 279-303
    5. Paul D Almeida
      Pages 305-326
    6. Hank Johnston
      Pages 327-347
    7. Christopher Pieper, Michael P. Young
      Pages 349-365
    8. Gregory Hooks, Linda Lobao
      Pages 367-384
    9. Robert J. Brulle
      Pages 385-406
    10. Liah Greenfeld, Eric Malczewski
      Pages 407-422
    11. Terry Nichols Clark, Rachel Harvey
      Pages 423-440
    12. Georg Sørensen
      Pages 441-458
    13. Delia Dumitrescu, Anthony Mughan
      Pages 477-491
    14. Kent Redding, Peter J. Barwis, Nik Summers
      Pages 493-520
    15. David Brady, Benjamin Sosnaud
      Pages 521-541
    16. David Jacobs
      Pages 543-568
  5. Methods in the Study of Politics

    1. Edgar Kiser, Steve Pfaff
      Pages 571-587
    2. Andrew S Fullerton, Michael Wallace, Michael J Stern
      Pages 589-604
    3. Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Anand E. Sokhey
      Pages 605-618
    4. Clayton D. Peoples
      Pages 619-636
    5. David L. Weakliem
      Pages 637-651
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 653-668

About this book


Kevin T. Leicht, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA
J. Craig Jenkins, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Political sociology is the interdisciplinary study of power and the intersection of personality, society and politics. The field also examines how the political process is affected by major social trends as well as exploring how social policies are altered by various social forces.

Political sociologists increasingly use a wide variety of relatively new quantitative and qualitative methodologies and incorporate theories and research from other social science cognate disciplines. The contributors focus on the current controversies and disagreements surrounding the use of different methodologies for the study of politics and society, and discussions of specific applications found in the widely scattered literature where substantive research in the field is published. This approach will solidly place the handbook in a market niche that is not occupied by the current volumes while also covering many of the same theoretical and historical developments that the other volumes cover.

The purpose of this handbook is to summarize state-of-the-art theory, research, and methods used in the study of politics and society. This area of research encompasses a wide variety of perspectives and methods that span social science disciplines. The handbook is designed to reflect that diversity in content, method and focus. In addition, it will cover developments in the developed and underdeveloped worlds.


Civil Society Globalization Institution Nation Neo-Functionalism Political Economy Political Sociology Social Movements Social Theory Sociological Methodology Terrorism Transnational environment mass media public opinion

Editors and affiliations

  • Kevin T. Leicht
    • 1
  • J. Craig Jenkins
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of SociologyThe University of IowaIowa CityUSA
  2. 2.Department of SociologyThe Ohio State UniversityColumbusUSA

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