Distant Worlds

Milestones in Planetary Exploration

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Peter Bond
    Pages 3-20
  3. Peter Bond
    Pages 21-44
  4. Peter Bond
    Pages 45-66
  5. Peter Bond
    Pages 69-100
  6. Peter Bond
    Pages 101-128
  7. Peter Bond
    Pages 129-146
  8. Peter Bond
    Pages 147-184
  9. Peter Bond
    Pages 185-216
  10. Peter Bond
    Pages 217-236
  11. Peter Bond
    Pages 237-256
  12. Peter Bond
    Pages 257-268
  13. Peter Bond
    Pages 269-284
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 285-325

About this book


Peter Bond provides an overview of key, unmanned missions, chapter by chapter, to planets in the twentieth century. He tells the story of the mission planners and engineers who, working mostly in the background, made these unprecedented achievements in scientific exploration possible. Bond’s perspective provides a much-needed overview, but it also details the very human feelings that animated the intense rivalries between the Soviet Union and the United States, and most recently the difficulties that arose in collaborations between NASA and ESA on the Rosetta and Halley's Comet missions.


Planet Solar System astronomy moon solar space space exploration

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